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About My Life on and off the Guest List

Who are we? NYC-based lovers of fashion, beauty, good food and things unique. We’ve been told we’re welcoming, a bit opinionated and fun to be around. We love discovering new things and we like to keep things on the more positive side. We write about things we love, things we’re impressed with, and things that amaze us. We love discovering new people as well. We get to attend quite a few events with writer friends….many of these friends were made while attending events. We started our women’s lifestyle website, My Life on and off the Guest List, in 2008 and it has become a great outlet for introducing and getting reacquainted with new and old things, products, people, and places.

My Life on and off the Guest List is a women’s lifestyle website that highlights fashion and accessories, beauty, tech and gadgets, restaurant reviews, hotel and spa reviews, grand opening events, alcohol, food, health, and wellness. We also love to host giveaways for our readers which is a great way to introduce a new product or give new life to an existing one.

We’re personally obsessed with Tea, Body Washes, Gumballs, and sweet Rieslings and we’re always on the hunt for what’s the next best thing. We love to work with PR Companies and brands and we welcome Sponsored Posts, as long as the product fits our site and readers. While we do appreciate receiving post-event releases, we at My Life on and off the Guest List can only cover writing about events we are invited to.

If you have a product you’d love reviewed or highlighted on My Life on and off the Guest List, we accept non-returnable review units and samples. Send all requests and event invitations to