NY Distilleries Get Green Light to Produce Hand Sanitizer

NY Distilleries Get Green Light to Produce Hand Sanitizer

During these trying times of quarantine, stay-at-home orders, and sold-out face masks and hand sanitizers, distilleries have gotten the green light from the US Government to help with shortages. As the state of New York is seeing massive increases in positive cases, and a shortage in supplies, two NY Distilleries are working on producing free hand sanitizer for their local communities in Upstate NY to help with the Coronavirus. Funny thing is, this is not the first time distilleries have gone the medical route. To get around Prohibition laws, many distilleries produced medicinal liquor and now they will be helping the medical industry.

NY Distilleries Get Green Light to Produce Hand Sanitizer

Kymar Farm Distillery and Sauvage Distillery, both New York Farm distilleries, are utilizing their distilleries to produce the much-need hand sanitizer. The two distilleries have stopped all production of their products, adjusted their equipment, and retrained their employees. This, of course, will not disrupt the production of their products; they’re just trying to do their part in helping the people of New York stay safe. The Kymar Farm and Sauvage Distilleries made sanitizer will be made in accordance with FDA and TTB requirements and will be bottled in glass bottles which Sauvage Distillery uses for their “Upstate” Vodka.

NY Distilleries Get Green Light to Produce Hand Sanitizer - Sauvage Distillery

“The Coronavirus pandemic is a biological catastrophe. Everyone who can, must contribute to help society in this tough moment. We are committed to help communities by focusing our production on hand sanitizers and giving them away for free to first responders. ” says Ilio Mavlyanov, Founder of Sauvage Distillery.

The hand Sanitizers will be available for first responders, EMTs, hospitals, doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers, and community and government agencies. They will be available next week in Schoharie County, NY and pickups can be scheduled by emailing info@ky-mar.com or info@drinksauvage.com.

We should say a thank you to these companies who are looking beyond making money to help in the fight against this pandemic.

Nick Offerman & Guinness Celebrate The Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day

Nick Offerman & Guinness Celebrate The Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day

The countdown to St. Patrick’s Day is in full effect and while St. Paddy’s Day bar crawl might be canceled due to the Coronavirus, Guinness and Nick Offerman are here to make sure you still enjoy a perfect pint and we were there for all the tips and tricks. There was no need for a bar crawl as 501 Union was transformed into an everflowing stout haven with unlimited pints, wonderful food and Guinness pairings, and a wonderfully funny toast from Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman.

Nick Offerman & Guinness Celebrate The Countdown to St. Patrick's Day

The event boasted four beers on tap for our enjoyment; they included: Guinness Draught Stout, Guinness Blonde, Guinness Extra Stout, and Smithwick’s. Along with these thirst-quenching offerings, guests were treated with an array of delicious passed hors d’oeuvres and delicious eats from Pig Beach NYC, which featured Guinness as an ingredient.

Guinness Countdown to St. Patrick's Day

The highlight of the event was the above-mentioned toast from everyone’s favorite sourpuss. What brings Nick Offerman into the mix? He has partnered with the legendary beer company to guide you on how to properly enjoy St. Patrick’s Day with a month-long series of ads celebrating the countdown to St. Patrick’s Day. The hilarious ads (which can be seen on their Instagram page) features tips, tricks, trivia, and suggestions on pouring the perfect pint of Guinness, how to properly enjoy a pint (his answer, “Use your mouth” – we wholeheartedly agree, lol), what foods to pair with a pint or two, and how to dress for St. Patrick’s Day (a full pint is essential). Their Instagram page offers a month’s worth of tips, so make sure to visit.

Check out the video of his wonderful toast to Guinness and St. Patrick’s Day from the event below

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While you’re out stocking up on supplies for the Coronavirus and possible home-bound time ahead, pick up a case or two at any supermarket for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. If you’re a business owner concerned about the effect of the outbreak on your business, it might be a good idea to seek small business help specifically devised for these trying times.

Now through March 31st, share a pic of your Guinness ‘stache using the hashtag #StacheForCharity. Tag @GuinnessUS and they’ll donate $1.00 to the Guinness Gives Back Fund.

New Craftswomen Program Will Celebrate Women in the Whiskey Industry

New Craftswomen Program Will Celebrate Women in the Whiskey Industry

A global leader in the spirits industry is launching a campaign that celebrates the women behind whiskey, the Craftswomen!!

Diageo, the company behind brands like Johnnie Walker, Captain Morgan and Crown Royal, announced its new Craftswomen program. The program celebrates the women who help make its spirits, including Johnnie Walker Master Blender Emma Walker, Crown Royal Master Whisky Blender Joanna Scandella, Bulleit Blender Eboni Major, Zacapa Rum Master Blender Lorena Vazquez, Buchanan’s Blended Scotch Whisky Master Blender Maureen Robinson, and Cascade Hollow General Manager and Distiller Nicole Austin.

New Craftswomen Program Will Celebrate Women in the Whiskey Industry

This campaign also includes Diageo launching two limited-edition kinds of whiskey: Jane Walker by Johnnie Walker and Bulleit Bourbon Blenders’ Select No. 001. These new whiskies were crafted by Emma Walker and Bulleit Blender Eboni Major. Diageo says the new spirits highlight the skill and creativity of female blenders and the range in flavor possible with whiskey and bourbon. You can expect to see these new spirits hit shelves come spring.

Bulleit Bourbon Blenders’ Select No. 001Bulleit Bourbon – Blender Eboni Major

“We could not be prouder to debut this fantastic line up of limited-edition whiskies that will introduce more people to the incredibly skilled women behind these iconic brands,” Sophie Kelly, Senior Vice President of Whiskies at Diageo North America, stated.

These new whiskey blends are truly unique to their respected brands. Bulleit Blenders’ Select No. 001 will be a blend of three of the distillery’s ten whiskey types. Whiskey enthusiasts should expect to experience hints of vanilla bean, honey, toasted oak, and sweet cream while tasting the new blend.

New Craftswomen Program Will Celebrate Women in the Whiskey IndustryJohnnie Walker Blended Scotch Whisky – Master Blender Emma Walker

The new Jane Walker by Johnnie Walker blend is aged 10 years and honors whiskey from Cardhu, a distillery run by Elizabeth Cumming back in the 19th century. Cumming eventually sold the distillery to the Walker family in 1893 but was still influential in the brand’s history. The new blend will feature notes of ripe orchard fruit and white peaches, which develop into hints of baked apple and sweet cream, with a lingering dark chocolate finish.

Each blend was created in their brands’ respected distilleries. Bulleit’s is located in Louisville, Kentucky and Johnnie Walker’s is located in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. These distilleries were built with a number of materials, including concrete. Most concrete structures can last for more than 100 years, so you could expect these distilleries to be around for some time.

In addition to the program and new whiskey blends, Johnnie Walker and Bulleit are partnering with the biannual magazine Cherry Bombe this spring to further celebrate women in the food and beverage industry. The brands hope to connect with these trailblazing women through the Radio Cherry Bombe Podcast tour and Jubilee conference. Johnnie Walker is also launching a series of events under the Craftswomen program that helps support women entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry. The program will strive to help these women grow their businesses through access to funding, education, resources, and mentorship.

Diageo’s new program comes as whiskey sales rise in the United States. Statistics show that whiskey sales have steadily increased in the U.S. between 2010 and 2019.

The program’s announcement also comes just before International Women’s Day, which is Sunday, March 8th. This day commemorates the contributions women have made throughout history. The month of March is Women’s History Month, expanding on this one day to thoroughly celebrate the achievements of women everywhere.

As Walker, Major, Scandella, and others forge a path for women in an industry traditionally dominated by men, we can think of no better way to honor the leadership and innovation of women around the world than with a glass of whiskey in hand.

Rum Cocktails

Mixology Astrology: RumHaven Cocktails for Each Zodiac Sign

We recently introduced you to a wonderful fragrance brand based on the zodiac signs; today we’re highlighting more zodiac-based goodies – cocktails!! Not just any cocktails, absolutely delicious rum cocktails from RumHaven. Last year we shared some wonderful summer drink recipes, including the RumHaven “Haven on Earth Cocktail“, which was a complete hit with friends; so we thought we’ share some more from the Rum made with coconut water. Since we’re in the season of Pisces (Happy Birthday Leap Year babies), we begin with the perfect cocktail for them.

Rum Cocktails

The following rum cocktails are based on Mixology Astrology and the personality on each zodiac sign. We present the perfect rum cocktail for the impulsive Aries, mysterious Scorpio, fun Leo, and so forth. Enjoy the following zodiac libations in good health.

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) – Dreamy, Intuitive, Dancers
Daisies from Haven

A Unique Cocktail for Each Zodiac Sign from RumHaven
2 oz. RumHaven
1 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
½ oz. Grenadine
1 oz. Club Soda
Add ingredients (except club soda) into a cocktail shaker filled with ice, and shake vigorously. Uncap shaker, and add club soda. Strain cocktail into an ice-filled double old fashioned rocks glass. Garnish with an orange peel Florette. The whimsical garnish fits this friendly sign.

Aries (March 21 – April 19) – Confident, Inspired, Sexy, Impulsive
Will You Have(n) This Rose

RumHaven Cocktail

2 parts RumHaven
¾ parts Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice
¼ part Elderflower Liqueur
Add ingredients (except prosecco) into a cocktail shaker filled with ice, and shake vigorously. Strain cocktail into a chilled coupe glass. Top with prosecco. Garnish with a rose petal and enjoy! Because nothing says confident and sexy like a red rose.

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20) Loyal, Patient, Hardworking
My Slice of Haven

A Unique Cocktail for Each Zodiac Sign from RumHaven
2 oz. RumHaven
3 oz. Club Soda
Squeeze of Lime
Add ingredients into an ice-filled Collins glass, and stir together to combine and chill. Garnish with lime. Because this hardworking sign deserves a to kick up their feet.

Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20) Eloquent, Quick, Fast
Match Made in Haven

A Unique Cocktail for Each Zodiac Sign from RumHaven

2 oz. RumHaven
2 oz. Pineapple Juice
2 oz. Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice
Add ingredients into an ice-filled Collins glass, and stir together to combine and chill. Garnish with pineapple or grapefruit. Keep it playful with bright and fresh juices in this cocktail.

Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22) Reserved, Conservative, Family
Havenly Strawberry Sangria

Strawberry Rum Cocktail

½ cup RumHaven
1 750-ml Rosé
2 cup lemon-lime soda
6-10 large strawberries, sliced
Add RumHaven and chilled rosé into a pitcher. Add strawberries and refrigerate until ready to serve. Before serving, add lemon-lime soda. Make enough for the whole family with this group-style cocktail, sure to please everyone (Serves 8!)

Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22) Passionate, Fun, Successful
Haven Sent Daiquiri A Unique Cocktail for Each Zodiac Sign from RumHaven

2 oz. RumHaven
1½ oz. Fresh Lime Juice
½ oz. Simple Syrup
Add ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice, and shake vigorously. Strain cocktail into a chilled martini or coupe glass. Garnish with lime. Nothing like a fun, playful drink to keep this sign cool all summer.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22) Organized, Diplomatic, Grounded
Haven on EarthA Unique Cocktail for Each Zodiac Sign from RumHaven

2 oz. RumHaven
2 oz. Pineapple Juice
2 oz. Club Soda
Add ingredients into an ice-filled Collins glass, and stir together to combine and chill. Garnish with pineapple or mint. A classic combination, perfect for this down to earth sign.

Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 22) Tactfulness, Diplomacy, Communication
Craven Haven Colada

A Unique Cocktail for Each Zodiac Sign from RumHaven

2 oz. RumHaven
2 oz. Pineapple Juice
1 oz. Coconut Cream
½ oz. Fresh Lime Juice
Add ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice, and shake vigorously. Strain cocktail into an ice-filled Collins glass. Garnish with pineapple and cherry. This sign likes balance, and this cocktail brings just the right amount of sweet and savory to satisfy any craving

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21) Mysterious, Intelligent, Analytical
Thank Haven

A Unique Cocktail for Each Zodiac Sign from RumHaven

2 oz. RumHaven
1½ oz. Fresh Lime Juice
¾ oz. Honey Syrup
2-3 Basil Leaves
Add ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice, and shake vigorously. Double strain cocktail into a chilled martini or coupe glass. Garnish with a basil leaf. An out of the box cocktail for an out of the box sign.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21) Adventurous, Generous, Honest
Haven and Hell 

A Unique Cocktail for Each Zodiac Sign from RumHaven

1½ oz. RumHaven
1½ oz. Pineapple Juice
½ oz. Fresh Lime Juice
½ oz. Simple Syrup
2-3 Slices of Chili/Jalapeño Pepper
Add ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice, and shake vigorously. Double strain cocktail into an ice-filled double old fashioned rocks glass. Garnish with chili or jalapeño pepper slices. This cocktail provides the kick that adventure-loving Sagittarius signs may need

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) Organized, Responsible, Leadership
Havenly Mojito

A Unique Cocktail for Each Zodiac Sign - Capricorn

2 oz. RumHaven
1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
¾ oz. Simple Syrup
1 oz. Club Soda
6-8 Mint Leaves
Lightly muddle fresh mint leaves in the bottom of a Collins glass. Add ingredients, then ice, and stir together to combine and chill. Garnish with mint or lime. Because sometimes nothing beats a classic.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Intelligent, Genius, Communicators
Cool Havenly Breeze

A Unique Cocktail for Each Zodiac Sign - Aquarius

2 oz. RumHaven
2 oz. Pineapple Juice
2 oz. Club Soda
Add ingredients into an ice-filled Collins glass, and stir together to combine and chill. Garnish with pineapple or mint to loosen up this sign. The perfect breath of fresh air to help loosen up this sign.

Dry January: What is This Trendy Alcohol-Free Movement?

Dry January: What is This Trendy Alcohol-Free Movement?

From Thanksgiving to New Years Day, the holidays are a heavy drinking time for many people. As the new year begins and people start thinking about ways to improve themselves, you’ll probably hear some of them say they need a break from alcohol. However, thanks to Dry January, it’s more than just a stoic self-improvement exercise. It’s a social movement.

Dry January: What is This Trendy Alcohol-Free Movement?

What is Dry January?

Dry January was started in 2013 by Alcohol Change UK, a British charity that helps people with problems stemming from alcohol. Originally a program that people would join using their email address, it had 4,000 participants in its first year, according to the organization. It quickly moved up from being an exclusive email club to become a global movement — though only 100,000 joined the official program in 2018, millions actually participated.

The purpose of Dry January isn’t to encourage abstinence as an ideal. In fact, many people who participate don’t go off alcohol completely, instead using the month to practice moderation and to rethink their relationship with drinking.

For social drinkers who might have had more than was good for them over the holidays, Dry January is a hashtag-worthy way to detox and reset their experience with alcohol.

And there’s a lot more going on than a mysterious social fad. There are several noticeable, tangible benefits of participating in Dry January, even if you don’t plan on abandoning alcohol completely. The following are some of the benefits of Dry January.

Save Money

If you regularly spend $10 per drink every time you spend a late evening out, you know how quickly alcohol costs add up. If you have financial-related goals for the new year, why not get a head start on those by saving money on alcohol for the first month?

If you’re worried that it might get awkward drinking water while your friends enjoy their drinks, use your lower tab as motivation. As a bonus, telling someone you’re doing Dry January is a lot easier than just saying you’re trying to abstain and it’s usually a quick way to end the conversation if anyone tries to grill you about why you won’t drink with them.

You Could Lose Weight

If there’s one New Year’s resolution more common than saving money, it’s losing weight. Depending on how much you normally drink, you could stand to lose as much as a couple pounds per week during Dry January. Alcohol has enormous levels of liquid calories, which don’t fill you up as quickly as food calories do, while still having a fattening result. Giving up alcohol for a few weeks might be just what you need to shed some stubborn pounds.

Help Improve Your Dental Health

With one in every five Americans having at least one untreated cavity, dental trouble isn’t something you want to take a chance on. But did you know that alcohol consumption can have a significant impact on your oral health?

As long as you drink in moderation and take good care of your teeth, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about. But if you drink excessively, no amount of tooth-brushing is going to save you. And if you’re like many people who don’t bother to brush their teeth before bed after a late night on the town, you’re in for even more trouble.

Alcohol is high in sugar content, which is never good for your teeth or gums. In fact, the impact alcohol can have is so significant that dentists can often see early signs of a problematic alcohol addiction long before anyone else does.

Dry January can help with this by giving you a chance to regain control over your alcohol consumption. Drinking in moderation shouldn’t hurt you, but it’s easy to start drinking too much without realizing it. Taking some time away from alcohol can help you maintain healthier drinking habits all year.

Now that you know about the benefits of Dry January, why not give it a try? From avoiding potential dental problems to “resetting” your system for alcohol, it’s more than a social media craze. It’s a great way to kick off the new year.

Celebrate National Booch Day with Flying Embers

Celebrate All Things Kombucha on National Booch Day

Kombucha fans, your day has come.  On January 15th, get ready to celebrate all things Kombucha with the first-ever National Booch Day. Thanks to Bill Moses, the founder of KeVita, and now Flying Embers Hard Kombucha, we finally get to honor the lightly effervescent fermented beverage that boasts a bold, invigorating taste.

Celebrate National Booch Day with Flying Embers

To celebrate National Booch Day, Flying Embers welcomes a new national campaign, Dry Fermented January. For those not familiar, Kombucha offers amazing health benefits; it settles your stomach and serves as an all-around good-for-you drink. Like traditional kombucha, each bottle of Flying Embers is packed with live probiotics; live cultures that are considered “good” bacteria that offer lots of health-promoting benefits; supplementing your body’s natural microbiome and gut health. What makes Flying Embers Hard Kombucha different is theirs is brewed with botanical adaptogens and champagne yeast. This delicious, sparkling probiotic tea, is handcrafted with an adaptogen root blend of Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Ginger, and Astragalus. The result is a truly better-for-you buzz from a beverage that has zero sugar, zero carbs, low-calorie, is USDA certified organic, vegan and gluten-free.

Celebrate National Booch Day with Flying Embers

Flying Embers has a lot of fun flavors you can choose from. Ancient Berry is a popular choice, featuring a bright and fruity mix of elderberries, goji berries, raspberries. Ginger and Oak offer a clean, refreshing, yet earthy flavor. Lemon Orchard features a delicate mix of lavender, mint, and ginger. Grapefruit Thyme combines the tangy sweetness of grapefruit, punctuated with the subtle flavors of thyme. Black Cherry’s fresh dark cherry mix is complemented with a bright lime spritz. And Pineapple Chili offers a delicate sweet and spicy mix.

Flying Embers Hard Kombucha

Along with the campaign, they will have a national wholesaler distribution drive, events & samplings, and consumer giveaways. Larger National Booch Day events will be held in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, New York City, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Portland, and Boston.

“All ingredients are USDA certified organic, including our unique adaptogen root blend of ginger, astragalus, turmeric, and ashwagandha – all with a healthy amount of live probiotics,” adds  VP of Marketing, Kyle Ingram.

For more information on National Booch Day and Dry Fermented January, visit the Flying Embers website.

Sailor Jerry Tattoos for $20

Score Sailor Jerry Tattoos For $20.00 For Norman Collins 109th Birthday

Calling all tattoo addicts and anyone else who’s wanted a tattoo and didn’t have the budget for it. If you live in and around NYC, this is for you! In honor of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum’s Founder, Norman Collins, 109th birthday, they are giving away 109 Sailor Jerry designed tattoos for only $20.00 each. That’s right, full-on, exquisitely done Sailor Jerry Tattoos for only $20.00!! Who gives away professional tattoos for only $20.00? That’s unheard of. Keep reading for how to score just that.

Sailor Jerry Tattoos for $20

On Tuesday, January 14th, from 12 pm – 10 pm, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum and Daredevil Tattoo, will get you tatted. You can choose from one of the 18 available Sailor Jerry Tattoos shown below:

Norman Collins 109 Birthday Event Tattoos

We are proud members of the Sailor Jerry Rum tattoo club, having been first inked last year, at the Norman Collins 108th birthday celebration.  We are looking forward to adding to our Sailor Jerry Tattoos collection. Which of the above do you think we should get? Should we get the Eightball, Star, or Cherries? Which do you think would best compliment our previous Sailor Jerry tattoos? Better yet, which of these tats would you get?

Snake Tattoo

After you get tatted, head over to the Daredevil Tattoo’s museum to learn about the history of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins. Learn all about how he built his reputation inking soldiers and sailors in WWII-era Honolulu. Continue the celebration 3 doors down at ForgtMeNot, who will be offering delicious $10.00 Sailor Jerry and Ginger cocktails.

Norman Collins 109 Birthday Event Cocktail

For those who don’t know, Norman Collins, the godfather of old-school American tattooing. He pioneered innovations in tattooing such as inventing the color purple for ink, promoted the use of clean and sterile needles and inspired future generations of tattoo artists. At 19, Norman Collins joined the U.S. Navy which exposed him to the art and culture of Southeast Asia; after his service, he made Honolulu his home where he built his reputation as the father of old school American tattoo and established his now-famous tattoo parlor on Hotel Street.

Crown Royal XR Bespoke “sipping” blazer

Crown Royal Releases Limited Edition Bespoke Sipping Blazer

When you think of whiskey, you likely picture someone sitting by a cozy fire, sipping a glass filled with the dark liquor and perusing their favorite novel. Whiskey has always held an old-world charm and now it has become even more elevated with a limited-edition product from one of the most renowned whiskey brands in the world.

Crown Royal, the blended Canadian whiskey brand, has recently released the Crown Royal Blazer. It is a made-to-measure sipping blazer and draws inspiration from Crown Royal XR Extra Rare, the rarest of the brand’s rare whiskey series. This rare whiskey is expected to run out of stock very soon, much like the blazer itself.

 Crown Royal XR Bespoke “sipping” blazer

The exclusive blazer is meant to be a celebrated collector’s item for the modern, luxury-loving individual. Not only does the blazer’s luxuriousness come from its exclusivity, but from its high-quality design as well. Renowned celebrity designer ALBA partnered with Crown Royal to make the blazer and the designer’s style of luxury tailoring certainly carries through. The blazer is a rich navy in color and features a gold embroidered Crown Royal XR crown on the breast pocket. The jacket’s interior is a gold silk lining with a pattern of Crown Royal XR crowns and patches.

Crown Royal XR Bespoke “sipping” blazerCrown Royal XR Bespoke “sipping” blazer

The gold accents continue in the interior of the top welt pocket, which is designed as a gold silk pull out pocket square. Flap bottom pockets on the jacket also feature gold silk interiors. Buttons on the waterfall cuff are gold-plated as well and engraved with more Crown Royal XR crowns. The blazer’s lapel features a contrasting plush velvet on the collar and trim.

CRXR Bespoke “sipping” blazer

All of this luxury comes for a price. A single blazer costs $1,924 on the whiskey brand’s website. While the price may be a bit steep for the average consumer, this blazer is truly like no other. Whether you’re climbing into a car service’s three-passenger Sedan on your next business trip or you’re attending an exclusive soiree with your family and friends, the Crown Royal blazer is sure to complete your classy look. If you want to welcome this high-quality blazer into your wardrobe, be sure to snap up one of the blazers sooner rather than later.