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Fashion Week Essentials That Will Help Your Daily Life

New York Fashion Week is almost upon us and while I go over my checklist for attending – registering and getting approved,contacting designers, getting my schedule together – I noticed there are a few items on my list that can be necessities for everyday use and life and not just during the most hectic week in the fashion industry. Because of this, I’ve decided to highlight those must-have products.

In a Pikle

There’s nothing worse than needing an essential item and realizing you don’t have it in your arsenal (your purse). During Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, you’re practically living out of your purse so emergency items are a must whether it be band-aids, nailfiles/clippers/polishes, needle & thread, hand sanitizer, advil, etc. These are just a few of the items you definitely need which is why In a Pikle should be an essential part of your daily life. In a Pikle is small enough to fit in your purse, backpack, or briefcase. It organizes all the little essential items that are needed on the go. So whether you’re attending the shows like me or just surviving everyday life, keep an In the Pikle in your possession.


We are all well away how important cellphones are to our daily lives and there’s nothing more terrifying than a dead battery with no way to charge up and let me tell you, finding a free outlet/charger during Fashion Week is like finding gold, which is why I made certain I was all set with a very space-friendly, cordless beauty that is the myCharge Voyage 1000Portable Charger. With this amazing device, you can charge your phone while its in your pocket, handbag, literally anywhere. Enjoy four more hours of talk time (while in 3G), up to six more hours of video or up to twenty-two more hours of music. The built-in Micro USB connector charges hundreds of portable devices, so say goodbye to hunting for available outlets and of course not being able to move once you’ve found one.

Dr. Scholl’s for Her

Ladies, if you wear any kind of heels, you know this is a no-brainer. A regular day in heels can be a painful one. Imagine having to stand in AND run in heels for an entire day as you go from show to show, from uptown to downtown – it’s excruciating; but with Dr. Scholl’s amazing collection of heel relieving products, you have comfort in every step that will last you all day. My favorites include High Heel Insoles, Ball of  Foot Cushions and Rub Relief.


Now while attending the shows can seem glamorous, there’s nothing fun about having no time to eat – you end up looking in envy at anyone not attending the shows as they devour yummy eats while you’re trying to keep hunger pains at bay, so having snacks is a must. Great ones to keep you going include Fiber One Bars, the new Chewy Chocolate Bars are so damn delicious and you get 20% fiber and 10% Calcium. You’ll be snacking deliciously and healthier. Snap Super Candy is just as its name implies.Sometimes during the day I need something sweet but regular candy is just all sugar and there’s no benefit – not so anymore. Snap Super Candy are your favorite candy (gum, jellybeans, gummy bears) infused with vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes that energize, protect and balance you without any trans fats or high fructose corn syrup. For those who want energy without having something sweet, the answer is Sante Nuts, specifically their delicious Chipotle Almonds. I admit that I find almonds a boring nut (except if mixed with something sweet) but the Sante Nuts Chipotle Almonds changed my mind. The combination of Chipotle pepper, ancho chile and pure cane sugar make these almonds far from boring and a great on the go way to keep our natural energy up. Back to another sweet snack, these a basically an indulgence because they are  absolutely divine. I was already a huge fan of Chex Mix’s regular mixes but add peanut butter, chocolate flavoring and a powdery sweet coating and I was hooked on the Chex Mix Muddy Buddies on first taste but I can still indulge with not so much guilt as these still have 50% less fat than regular potato chips.

And there you have it, my fashion week essentials. Do you see some items you could use in your daily life?

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