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Boxed Water: Say Goodbye to Single Use Plastic Water Bottles

Despite the strides made in ocean cleanup and other cleanup projects, there’s still so much that has to be done to clean up the environment. Unfortunately, we cannot do it on our own, we (individuals and brands) must continuously work together to reverse or at least stop the damages we’ve done to the planet. Since Earth Day is coming up, we want to recognize one brand doing amazing things, including working with consumers to help the planet. With 69 billion plastic water bottles produced in the US each year, now is a good time to take a closer look at just how much we Americans u.se single-use plastic. If you think about the products we use daily, almost everything comes in a plastic container. It’s safe to say we’re addicted. Boxed Water is here to change that with its sustainable packaging and practices, and you can help.

Spring Clean Your Skin with NEW Peace Out Skincare Acne Champs

Spring means renewal; getting rid of the old and welcoming the new. That goes for your skin as well. The new season means it’s time to spring clean your skin to get rid of old, dull layers of skin, and welcome the youthful, fresh skin underneath. Thanks to the NEW all-in-one acne solution, Peace Out Skincare Acne Champs set, say goodbye to your acne and hello to healthier skin.

Savor the Smoothness: CAMUS Cognac French Connection Cocktail Kit

We have long enjoyed the combination of sweet and salty flavors. Naturally, we can’t help but sing the praises of the CAMUS Cognac French Connection cocktail, which can be easily made with the CAMUS Cognac French Connection Cocktail Kit. For those wondering, what is the French Connection cocktail? A proper French Connection requires a very aromatic Cognac like CAMUS Cognac’s Ile de Ré Fine Island cognac and a dry Amaretto, in order to guarantee a good balance of sweet and roasted notes.

Q&A with Jose Solis on the Carlisle Collection Spring 2021 Line

It’s finally Spring and as the temperature slowly heats up (and more people get vaccinated), we find ourselves more than ready to venture out again. Of course, that means putting away our “home wear” and getting back to our fashionable side. This season, we’re loving the offerings from the Carlisle Collection Spring 2021 line. We had the opportunity to sit down with Carlisle’s Creative Director, Jose Solis, on the very chic collection.

JLo Beauty’s That Limitless Glow Sheet Mask Offers Endless Glowing Skin

For those unaware, Jennifer Lopez has entered the skincare segment of the beauty market. Her JLo Beauty brand, launched in 2021, joins her makeup and fragrance offerings. Her range of skincare products includes multitasking products such as a cleanser, serum, face creme, skin booster, eye cream, SPF moisturizer, and sheet mask. Today, we highlight the JLo Beauty That Limitless Glow Sheet Mask.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: The Beauty Cloud’s Facial in a Box

We’re still in the midst of a stressful time and Mother’s Day is coming up. Since many are still awaiting vaccinations and are still apprehensive about going out, it’s time to rethink gifting. This year, why not give mom the gift of an at-home facial. We love The Beauty Cloud’s Facial in a Box as a great gift for your mom, sisters, best friends, wives and girlfriends, and any other women in your life. For those who have no time or desire to go to the spa, The Beauty Cloud’s facial in a box makes a perfect gift. The brand curates professional-grade products and includes a consultation with a licensed esthetician to deliver spa-quality results in the comfort of your home.

MAËLYS Body Reshaping Collection: Boost Your Skin’s Natural Elasticity

As anyone who has passed by a mirror and caught a side view of themselves knows, the struggle with pandemic pounds is very real. Like everyone else who gained weight while being quarantined, your stomach is probably rounder than usual, stretch marks a bit more prevalent, and your skin a bit looser and sagging. Of course, diet and exercise will help to get rid of the extra pounds but your skin’s elasticity will be weak and compromised; this means you’re stuck with the stretch marks and sagging skin. But all hope is not lost; thanks to the products in the MAËLYS Body Reshaping Collection, you’ll be able to lift, firm, plump and smooth your way to sexier curves – the natural way.

Cascade Moon Edition No. 2: The Latest in Cascade Moon’s Whisky Series

We all know the saying, “they just don’t make stuff like they used to”. For many, being able to enjoy the nostalgic products of a bygone era is becoming more and more valuable. In the midst of all our industry advances, artisanal, small-batch, and traditionally made products are highly sought-after. Last year, Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. launched a brand new range of highly limited whiskies as part of their Cascade Moon Whisky series. These limited-edition whiskies, which are described as being “mellow as midnight”, celebrate nostalgia. As of today, two whiskies in the series have now been released. Cascade Moon Edition No. 1 launched last fall and Cascade Moon Edition No. 2 followed soon after, in late December. The whiskies in this series are described as being “mellow as midnight”.  Today, we’re exploring the latter.