S.I.L.K Spring 2014 Presentation

Smart women know that the secret to great style is being able to take any garment and make it look new and fresh. S.I.L.K creates the type of timeless clothing that gives you unlimited options for effortless styling options. Creative Director Michelle Lee says that the collection was inspired by gardens, and that florals will be the brand’s signature. The wearability factor is upped by the use of natural fibers. About 80% of the collection is made from silk, or silk blended with linen or cotton.

There were four color stories: white/grey/yellow floral with tan background, a coffee/navy/ citron honeycomb pattern, black/white/silver, and all american red white and blue (nautical and tricolor plaid prints, tweed). Stripes were translated in navy/citron long-sleeved tees, as well as sequinned tops in back/white and red/blue combinations.

An advantage of the collection is the way it lends itself to the mix and match trend. You can pair the black and white sequinned dress with a red/white/blue tweed jacket, or throw a navy/citron striped pullover with the slim floral trousers.

For more restrained sensibilities, the sheer, sleeveless black silk blouse works well with the silver foil skirt, layered under the white embroidered dress or tucked into the white embroidered skirt with the silver foil trench. At these price points, $200-$600, you can stock up on several pieces to play with.

Post and Photos by Faith Bowman
Edited by Glasgow Skinner

Thank you to NY Fashion and Trends Examiner, Faith Bowman for attending and covering the S.I.L.K Spring 2014 Presentation. Please check out her work here – http://www.examiner.com/fashion-trends-in-new-york/faith-bowman.

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