Details Magazine Block Party

For the second year, Details collabarated with the Meatpacking District to bring us the Details Block Party; stores distribute cocktails (some have hors d’oeuvres as well) and a 20% off their merchandise. Dave and I met up at 14th Street to head over to meet up with Kim, Alison and Alex at the Hotel Gansevoort where the event is headquartered.

There was a very nice crowd of people, which I wasn’t surprised about and although it was a cold day, it was very clear and sunny

At the Gansevoort, they gave away copies of details magazine and a map of the stores in the Meatpacking District and what they’re offering

When Dave and I were walking into the Gansevoort, there was this REALLY and I mean REALLY drunk guy being escorted out, well, more like being thrown out. The funny part was he kept on trying to come back in several times. You can imagine how security reacted to him then. Anyway, the first place we all went to offered Pomegranate Martinis with pomegranate seeds at the bottom, it looked so pretty

The store itself was adorable and they got a nice crowd after we got there. They even had a DJ (turns out all of the stores we went to had them)

Out of all the stores we visited, we stayed the longest at Puma

they had the most delicious hors d’ourvres (they were the only store with hors d’oeuvres) and some fab drinks such as hot cocoa with rum, hot toddies and hot wine

As I said it was a cold day and it got colder as the night progressed. Anyway, since Puma was the only store with hors d’oeuvres, they got a very nice crowd

Some of you might know (from past posts) that my friend Dave is a sneaker freak and Puma is one of his favorites. In this economy, we’re all trying to save money any way we can, so being at Puma was torturous for him

but he wasn’t the only one who saw an item or two that sparked interest. These were at Puma and were designed by Rudolf Dassler for Puma

they are not my usual but they look a bit odd which is what peaked my interest. We made a brief stop to look at the map to see where we wanted to go next

Then we went off to the Brass Monkey for some more free drinks (which we didn’t want at first…the server thought we were crazy to not want free drinks but we’ve been drinking all day) but we did eventually have one. We stayed for a bit then left, walked around and then went into Y-3

where I saw the most delicious boots, I think I literally drooled while handling them

The last place we stopped by was Buckler

which went back to being torture for Dave. We ended the night soon after, colder, a lot more tipsy but happy.

Oh my god – my first post (PUMA & Lucky Mag Fashionably Fit Event)

It’s hard to know how to start these things, as this is a first for me. I’ve read many blogs and they make it look so easy, so why not me. I don’t know the rules of blog writing, so if this seems not a easy read, who cares, my mind is racing with thoughts, so this will reflect that but bear with me. So…..I’ll just dive in.

The event invite stated it would start at 6pm. Let me interrupt for a minute and say that this event was posted on Lucky Mag’s “Lucky on the Lookout” website, which means you didn’t have to be on the “must be on” PR company lists to attend, you simply had to be a Lucky magazine reader.

Anyway, as one who likes to be a few minutes late to any event (is it still cool to say fashionably late?), I decided to get there promptly at 6pm this time. I’d invited a young aspiring model, Estephanie to attend with me so she could hopefully make some good connections to benefit her future career and i didn’t want her waiting (unfortunately she never got a chance to even make any possible connections – more on that later). i must also state that the invite stated he first 100 people get a gift bag (gift bags are normally given out at the middle or end of any event). Needless to say, I was still shocked when i arrived to find that the line was wrapped around the corner – wow!! people REALLY love PUMA (or free stuff), either way i was happy that Estephanie met me because she wasn’t at the back, not that it mattered much because my friend and fellow event attender, Kim was standing a mere two people ahead of Estephanie.

While waiting on line (about 20 minutes), we talked about the two events I attended the night before (Candace Bushnell’s new book (“One Fifth Ave”, which i am currently reading) signing (for those of you who don’t know who she is – SHAME on you but i’ll still tell you – She wrote Sex and the City and Lipstick Jungle) and the Blackbook After Dark Issue Release Party, for which i was in and out in 20 minutes) and the events we would be attending today, tomorrow, untilt he test of time, etc. Kim is a veteran writer and she covers Fashion week, i don’t envy her having to write the 20 stories she has too (5 more to go she says), i just like attending the shows.

So finally, we’re at the head of the line, already given up that we were not in the first 100 to get the PUMA giftbag. Security asks for ids, we show and was practically shoved in (at least i was) into the PUMA store and that is where i lost Estephanie. I didn’t even realize that she wasn’t behind me as Kim and i were still deep into conversation, nor did i realize there was an age stipulation because the invite didn’t state that you had to be 21, Estephanie is only 17 – too young (sad); there goes the possible connections she might have made. Before i realized that she wasn’t behind me and before i had a chance to plead her case to the door security (i just wanted her to get a gift bag and she would have gotten one too, Kim, who was ahead of me was #75 and I was #76…), she disappeared. I called her to find out what happened and she was so incredibly sweet about it – she said it’s ok and that she’d wait (which of course made me feel worse).

A few minutes later, Kim and i got our bag. I tried to get another ticket to get Estepanie a bag but of course they had already given out all 100 tickets (in about 10 minutes after we got ours). The door queen even told me couldn’t let me leave to give Estephanie the bag i had (sigh). I vowed to make it up to her – to try to collect as much free stuff as i could at the other events i’m attending this week and give them to her. I must note that thankfully she’s attending the more young age friendly Cosmogirl Mag Concert Event this Friday. I took her to the one Seventeen Mag had and she had a blast. She was gifted with jeans, t-shirts and a concert by a band she LOVES, she also got to meet and get the contact info for two designers from a past season of Project Runway. I’m hoping the Cosmogirl event makes up for the PUMA one.

Ok, on to the actual event – it was a semi bloodbath to get your gift bag (I swear this is probably what goes on at those 7am mega sales or when a new must have toy comes out), while Kim and I were waiting patiently for ours, one guys almost hit her on the head a few times just to get his bag – chivalry was not just dead, it had turned to dust and was blown away. Only after I gently berated him did he apologize, luckily Kim is so tiny, she didn’t even notice. We were a bit shocked by the gift bag, we weren’t expecting an actual “bag” bag (we got a black PUMA doctor’s bag filled with various goodies – mostly beauty), this bag is going to my cousin who is visiting me from the Caribbean in a matter of days – it’s perfect for her age group and I know her friends back home will be trés envious. I still wish i had one for Estephanie.

As time went on, we were told that there would be a raffle at 7:30 pm (in half an hour) and we were to hold on to our gift bag tickets (of course Kim and I had to got retrieve ours back from the gift bag lady). The raffle we were told was worth $2000. Until then hors d’ouevres were served (some ok, some you had to have an acquired taste for – i didn’t; desert was much better). The bar or one bartender actually was very entertaining. This guy was clearly having a great time, he was more than happy to make your drinks, flirt and shout various things at the top of his lungs or the man just LOVES his job, either way, it made for good times. There were a few interesting looking men at the party but none i saw was interesting to me (I remain dateless in the city).

On to the raffle, I didn’t win, neither did Kim or anyone we knew. As fate or chi or the gods, etc would have it, the winner was not one of the first 100 people, she was #179 (hey, isn’t that what Elle Woods got on her LSAT’s in Legally Blonde- don’t know why I thought of that). Anyway, it didn’t seem like there were that many people at the PUMA store but i guess there was. I would have given my right arm (and left and maybe my legs too) for her winnings, which included a Wii Fit, Wii Sport, $1000 white PUMA bag, Ipod Shuffle and some other things I couldn’t bare to look at out of sheer jealousy. I realized a long time ago that I’m not lucky at “winning” stuff but ever the hopeful, I still enter contests and still buy lottery tickets. Oh well, on to the next event!!