Votre Vu’s Cinque Nouveau Products

Luxury French Skincare company brought their chic aesthetic to the skin destroying humid New York City streets on with their VuBAR Airstream. The VuBAR will be touring the nation at some amazing events. In fact, prior to making its NYC stop, the VuBar Airstream was stationed at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, TN. Click on Tour Dates for their upcoming appearances.

The very stylish luxe trailer housed not just tres chic decor but it was filled with some of my favorite Votre Vu products. I must say that I love Votre Vu’s philosophy – a botanically infused line of products including face cremes and serums, slimming gelées, a bust-firming balm, shampoos and a first of its kind beauty beverage. My personal favorite is the Amour D’ore (Golden Love), a multi-vitamin oil for Face, Body and Hair (my last bottle was utilized so much, the nozzle is now permananetly bent…lol

But back to the new products. The five new products brings Votre Vu’s product library up to fifty-nine; basically Votre Vu has a product for whatever you may need. The five new products which are featured below include

Nouveau Glow Peelgently peels away the damages of fun and sun. It dramatically resurfaces your complexion without irritation. To further enhance the succulent experience, vitamin E, papaya extract and sunflower seed oil feed your skin with deeply moisturizing antioxidants and vitamins that soothe and protect your skin from any potential irritants and congestion.
Oh Lighten Upthis professional strength, target specific treatment can trulydiminish the appearance of age spots
Special Eyes curative nutrients like evening primrose oil provide both instantand long-term benefits that can result in firmer and brighter skinaround the eyes.
Tres Magni Feet Cremethis ultra-riche crème is crafted to hydrate, nourish, protect and render your tender tootsies silky-soft and smooth, creating a more youthful appearance and feel
Tres Magni Feet Exfoliantthis exhilarating foot scrub includes very tiny particles of benevolentbamboo which gently eliminate roughness and banish excess deadcells. Exfoliation eliminates microorganisms that cause infection andodor and the massage process improves blood circulation through thefoot and toes.

For more information on these five amazing products directly from Votre Vu, see the video below

Votre Vu’s Les Sorbet Advanced Care Iced Serum for Face

Luxury French Skincare company, Votre Vu, invited media to experience their full line of botanically infused skincare, which is custom blended in France. You may remember I first introduced Votre Vu last year when they were first testing out the US waters, click HERE to refresh your memory.

While they introduced several products for face, body and even hair, one that really stood out for me was the Les Sorbet Advanced Care Iced Sérum for Face. A product you always keep in your freezer. Many of us (well I do) keep skincare products like toners and mists in the fridge especially during those hot and humid summer days and of course we all know that cold tightens the skin. This product combines the benefit of a serum with the cold

This innovative solid wand is full of wonderful anti-aging superstars: marine elastin and collagen, organic muscle-relaxing vegetable peptides, hydrolyzed collagen to moisturize and protect, and a complex vegetable broth that soothes, revitalizes, regenerates, smooths and stimulates. This wonder sérum is frozen to preserve and magnify the efficacy of the formula’s advantages. With each application you are protected from free radicals while the compound is working to regain the properties of a firm and glowing complexion. Upon contact, Les Sorbet will contract your fine facial muscles, providing exercise to firm and tone, rev up the circulation of your delicate circulatory system, encourage renewal of cell turnover and provide the flush of vibrancy.

I want to try this product out when the weather gets warmer because when the humidity hits, my skin is always negatively affected – that’s the problem with having very oily skin. I am also hoping to try out the products they have for oily skin. I was very happy with the first time I tried the products and they weren’t even specially made for my skin type.

Votre Vu – The New Face in Beauty

Votre Vu is a luxury skin care company that markets itself as the producers of the finest French-made, natural skin care products. As a fan of France and everything French, I had to try their products. I acquired the following products – ATTENTIVE Crème De Jour Sensitive Skin and ATTENTIVE Crème Du Nuit Sensitive Skin Crèmes as well as CALM, COOL, AND COLLECTED Calming Cotton Masque Pour Le Visage, and FLEUR BLANC Tonic for All Skin.

I’m a skeptic when it comes to products made for “sensitive skin” but to my delight these products worked wonderfully. They made my skin glow; it felt soft and hydrated.

While I liked all of the products I tried, my favorites were the Calming Cotton Masque Pour Le Visage and the Crème De Nuit Sensitive Skin Crème. I smoothed a generous layer of the masque over my face and relaxed for 15 minutes while the masque worked it’s wonders. The masque didn’t make my face feel tight, dry or itchy, which I really liked. Once removed, I could actually see an immediate reduction in the number and size of my pimples and facial bumps. After applying the tonic, I used the Crème Du Nuit crème to rehydrate my skin. I was amazed at how wonderful my skin looked and felt. The crème wasn’t heavy and cakey but moisturizing and comforting. And the best part for me was waking up to a face free of dry patches and flakes! Thanks Votre Vu for products that helped my dry, sensitive skin feel soft, velvety and hydrated all day and night!

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