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Elite Traveler & Daniel Celebrate Raffles Hotel & Resorts

You ever go to a party and immediately feel out of place? Many people feel that way, I on the other hand like to dare someone to tell me I don’t belong (not that i think I don’t of course). In the year of billionaires dressing like a East Village kid, one never knows who has money. They will never admit to thinking you don’t belong because hey, you were on the guestlist and made it to the party.

Anyway, I, along with Angelique* (it was Zia’s* turn to work late) and Zing (yes that’s her name – don’t you love it?), a friend of theirs met me at the luxurious Daniel restaurant (a gorgeous French Restaurant on the Upper East Side) courtesy of Chef Daniel Boulud. We were there to help Elite Traveler Magazine celebrate the Raffles Hotes & Resorts

When we arrived, it was quite crowded

For those who may not know, Raffles is one of the finest of luxury hotels, having amazing hotels in exotic locals such as Dubai, The Maldives, Beijing, Cambodia, The Grenadines, etc. I myself am only personally aware of the Raffles L’ermitage in Beverly Hills

but hopefully this will change in the future.

Anyway, Angelique*, Zing and I went to check in and the first person i see is Kim with her friend Allison; hugs and kisses all around and the official introduction to Angelique* and Zing. The first thing Kim said to go was go get a giftbag (even before a drink….this can only mean there are a very limited amount or it’s an utterly fabulous gift bag). Alas, as we arrived late to the event, all the bags were gone (ah..sadness…). Sadness quickly turned to annoyance after some drunk or clumsy (I prefer drunk) woman (I really want to say cow but I’m being nice) spilled wine all over my left foot (my shoe/foot was technically having drinks before me……really). She barely apologized or even acknowledged me. She was lucky for two reasons, one – the gentleman she was speaking with apologized on her behalf and two – I ws wearing my rubber Kenneth Cole Ballet Flats and not my Tracy Reese heels (which I’d checked in the coat check because it was raining). All i’m saying is, she got lucky.

Anyway, this of course led me to getting the perfect elixir for calming down…Champagne!!

I was separated from Angelique* and Zing in searching for the gift bags but caught up with them at the bar (a big thanks to Zing for getting me that glass). Angelique* was busy talking to some very hot man who worked for Raffles. I didn’t get his name because I don’t think he was her type (but he was good to look at).

Anyway, the champagne working, I set off to take some photos and talk to Kim, who was still by the entrance. Couldn’t you just imagine yourselves in these locations

The funniest thing of the whole evening (some might say my wine sipping left shoe but…..NO) was the mad dash guests were doing when the hors d’eouvres trays were being passed around. I guess they were not making the rounds fast enough and many people didn’t get to sample to delicious treats (might have something to do with it being crowded, might be some people were too into themseles to notice the passing trays, who knows). Anyway, at one point this weird thing started happening, if a waiters tray was near, you’d know it by the synchronized movement of the crowd in the direction. It’s hard to get the funny-ness (yes I know, not a word) just writing it, you simply had to see it for yourself.

The event ended at 8:30pm (no more hors d’eouvres and the bar was closed), which was perfect as I had to get to the airport to pick up my cousin who is visitng New York. Although Angelique*, Zing and I didn’t get a giftbag, I did get to see and take a photo of its contents thanks to Kim. Behold the gift bag.

Two candles in decorative metal containers, an Elite Traveler and a book on Raffles Hotel & Resorts (not pictured).

Tomorrow, more events

*Some names have been changed to protect the permanently shy and those possibly under witness protection

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