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Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa

Need a break?….then step through a certain red door into a tranquil and serene world in the middle of the madness of Midtown Manhattan. I decided to take that journey one day after deciding it was time to treat myself. After I walked through that “big red door” at Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa, I was greeted by warm, smiling faces that set the tone for my much anticipated and needed spa experience.

Entrance to the Elizabeth Arden Global Boutique and Red Door Spa

After changing into a plush white robe, I was escorted into a waiting area where I was offered a beverage, my choice – herbal tea. At exactly 11:30 am (my appointment time), the massage therapist came out to get me. She led me into a room where she would soon help temporarily release all the stress built up from my professional and personal life.

Heated blankets warmed my body as the massage therapist began by first placing a cooling gel on my legs and feet. The gel helped sooth my tired legs and feet….the feet I had abused with stilettos and boots. While the gel was working its magic, the massage therapist massaged my face, shoulders and scalp.

Next, the most pleasant smelling peppermint scented eye pouch was placed on my eyes where it would remain for the duration of the massage. The scented pouch complimented the relaxing techniques used to strip away my tension. The massage concluded with a gentle rub over the most tensed areas which caused me to fight very hard not to fall asleep. The massage and sweet smell of the room had achieved its goal. My spa experience was complete and the objective achieved. When I departed, I took the wonderful experience behind the red door with me…an experience that made a stroll down the busy sidewalks of Midtown seem like a walk in Central Park.

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