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BRUT Launches to Bring Back the Manly Man

Brut , a classic fragrance for men that has stood as the definitive definition of masculinity, asks where have all the men gone? I ask myself the same question as I couldn’t think of one man I’d consider truly manly. One of Brut’s definition of the Brut man is “A man who defines his own style. Who sees possibilities and makes them happen. Who is always respectful of the opposite sex. Who understands the code of the gentleman and who is at ease with and courteous to people even though they’re different from himself.” I asked myself, has the Metrosexual Era made our manly men go the way of the dinosaur? Where are the rough and tough guys? We now seem to have men who get more manis, pedis and facials than the women in their lives. Brut has seen this decline in the amount of manly men and has found a way to bring back our rugged heroes. Do the men in your life do the following:

  • wears an Ascot
  • is plucked, tweezed and groomed more than you are
  • wears nail polish
  • conducts in un-gentleman like behavior like cheating, etc

Which is why Brut has created the awesome because as Brut (and many women say) – “Some men just need to be slapped.”

Brut held a wonderful event to celebrate this launch. Guests enjoyed delicious hors d’oeuvres, absolutely delicious drinks courtesy of Evan Williams Bourbon Whiskey and got the pleasure of slapping models (and one or two fellow guests)

There was also this great interactive TV which featured a group of men that needed to be slapped like Tiger Woods, Jersey Shore’s The Situation, Michel Bolton, The Burger King Mascot, Ryan Seacrest, etc. Guests scanned through photos by slapping each to move forward (you could even backslap to go backwards).


Check out this video presentation of Brut’s Essence of Man and bringing back the Real men with a Brut Slap

And if you’re in the mood to slap someone, make sue you do visit where you can slap a mime, a guy in a towel, etc and even vote for the next man who needs a slap. Happy Slapping and lets hope this brings back some real men.

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