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Kanye West, George Condo & M/M (Paris) Introduce Five Limited Edition Silk Scarves

You have to hand it to Kanye West, the man is a genius and very proficient when it comes to thinking out of the box. Last Fall, Kanye West tapped M/M (PARIS) to design the packaging for his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album. He also commissioned George Condo to create a series of paintings featuring the characters who populate his musical fantasies. During the creative process, M/M (Paris) created a series of hand drawn ornamented frames to adorn the powerful and iconic Condo paintings.

Playing with the many possibilities of combining the paintings and the frames, M/M (Paris) and Kanye West wanted to find a luxurious expression of their creative efforts —and decided to use the most striking combinations and transform them into voluptuous silk scarves. The results are now being released jointly by M/M (Paris) and Kanye West as a collection of five full color scarves made of 100% silk twill.

Each of the five scarves features one of the album covers painted by George Condo embedded in an intricate gold frame with hand drawn lettering (specifically, Kanye West’s name) by M/M (Paris). The combination of this luxurious visual language over the traditional Twill de Soie is the ultimate celebration of the magically ornamented sounds of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Each scarf measures 90 × 90 cm (35 × 35”),  is made in France and produced in a limited edition of 100 units. The first half of the edition is available through M/M (Paris)’s website, and at selected retailers.
The five different designs will retail for 250€ or $371.67 USD at today’s rate of exchange. They are available from Monday, May 9th at and at colette, paris

While many will wear this piece to show off that they were indeed lucky to purchase the limited edition item, I wouldn’t surprised if several are framed and hung as art.

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