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Codigo Cube – The Play Anywhere, Anytime Interactive Cellphone Trivia Game

Do you ever find yourself having to wait for hours at a time, whether it be at an appt, having a few hours to kill with nothing to do and no real form of entertaining yourself or something to make the time past faster? I find I quite annoying and I’m usually kicking myself for not having a book, magazine, etc – this is usually set in a doctors office, the DMV or any government building. You can download movies or music but after a while, the cost adds up and replaying the same things over and over gets boring. I was recently introduced to the Codigo Cube, a socially interactive trivia game using your web-enabled camera phone, a free app, and a patent-pending QR Coded die (singular for dice for those not in the know).

For hours of trivia fun, all you need is your phone, a free QR Code reader and the above die, nothing more. There are no attachments, boards, wires, etc of any kind needed and it will only cost you $9.99. Just roll the die, scan the QR codes and answer trivia questions on one of the categories:

Black – Geography
Green – Sports
Blue – Entertainment
Purple – General Knowledge
Light Red – History
Dark Red – Science

Each correct answer gives you ten points, incorrect answers gets you zero points. If you roll a category that you have already answered correctly you will not be awarded any more points but will be allowed to continue rolling. Get an incorrect answer and you must pass the cube to the next player (of course this doesn’t apply if you’re the only one playing). The first person to get one correct answer in all six categories wins! Codigo Cube will never get boring because it is updated with new questions daily! How fast you may be asking? Whenever breaking news happens Codigo Cube gets updated – today’s breaking news is turned into trivia questions making it the most up-to-date, socially relevant, and topical Board Game on the market.

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