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Organize your Accessories with the WOW Jewelry Hangers

When it comes to my jewelry, I’m not the most organized person. In fact, I have necklaces hanging off my closet doors and on various closet hooks; rings, earring and bracelets in various baggies and little wooden boxes – it’s a mess and it’s always a like a treasure hunt to find my accessories (and I have A LOT). Then along came this wonderful product which I was introduced to at a Gift Guide event –  Wow Jewelry Hanger. Wow Hangers are an innovative jewelry organizing system! Finally keep all your jewelry neat, tidy and always at your fingertips!

Because of this amazing little invention, my jewelry has become a bit more organized. I actually need another one because I have so many necklaces but the Wow Jewelry Hanger already has me off to a great start. Not only do they save space, they beautifully display your jewelry, making it easy to see at a glance.. I went from this scattered mess (below is just a tiny percentage of the various places I have my jewelry hanging – I admit I made it look neat)

To a more organized display which will definitely cut my accessory search to an absolute minimal (not to mention, I don’t have to constantly remove the necklaces to open my closet doors or pick up the ones that fall off the hooks every time I open a closet door

Wow Jewelry Hangers was created by Laurie Clayton, who started working on a simpler way to see and organize her jewelry. She tried many different types of jewelry organizers, boxes and stands but discovered nothing really worked that well. After several meetings with family, an engineer, a machinist, a local plastic injection molding and a die cutting company, etc, the Wow Jewelry Hanger was born.

“The Wow Hanging Jewelry Organizer Systems are designed to look like wrought iron and to display your jewelry in an accessible and decorative fashion. Hang them on the wall, behind a door, or in the closet… the WOW Jewelry Hanger is functional and beautiful wherever it is displayed. It’s just a jewelry organizing system that holds all of your jewelry. Now you can organize and see all of your necklaces, earrings, brooches and pins. It is simple and inexpensive.”

To get more information on or purchase one of these Wow Jewelry Organizers, click The hangers range from $11.95 for the 6-Pack of Vertical Hangers to $25.95 for the ewelry Hanger 4 Piece Set. And WOW Hangers aren’t just for jewelry! WOW Hangers are also great for organizing and displaying clothes, hats, scarves, ties, belts and other accessories.

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