The Five Minute “Tart” Snack

Sometimes all you really have is five minutes to create a snack either because of unexpected guests, starving kids, nothing to eat in the house or maybe you just want something quick to nosh on. Well I have a great and quick snack idea for you and all you need is two ingredients. It’s definitely the lazy man’s (or in this case woman’s) snack. So what are the two ingredients you need? Athens Mini Fillo Shells and Welch’s Natural Spreads.

Just add half a spoon of this all natural, no preservatives spread to each light, flaky, ready-to-serve fillo shells; pop them in the oven for 3-5 minutes and enjoy the deliciousness you see below. The result is a quick, easy, no fuss snack that looks and tastes delicious

What recipes would you create with the time saving Athens Fillo Mini Shells or Welch’s Natural spreads?

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