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Jimmy Crystal New York Presents Illuminated Elegance: An Evening of Fashion

Jimmy Crystal New York and Swarovski Elements recently held an event to celebrate the launch of new jewelry collections. The “Illuminated Elegance” event highlighted the beautiful collections created by five jewelry designers – Cassi Lin, Arielle Mason, Wendy Chen, Winne Chu and Lene Lin.

Jimmy Crystal offers crystallized one-of-a-kind designs in a diverse range of accessories including eyewear, fabulous jewelry, fashionable handbags, elegant watches, sparkling home décor and much more available in specialty stores and boutiques around the globe.

Cassi Lin Collections:

Firefly – This collection evokes a beautiful neon yellow & orange firefly
dancing across a dark indigo sky.

Ice cube (not shown) – Very minimal and simple, this collection is inspired by the delicacy and elegance of ice. The sparkling blue ribbon intertwines with the crystal to suggest a brisk, refreshing winter breeze.

Bonjour – Golden flowers and delicate lace evokes the beauty and passion of Paris.

Arielle Mason Collections:

Monaco – The exciting, high-rolling glamour of Monaco is the premise of this
statement piece. Bold colors and striking crystals intersperse with dramatic, draping chains to create an effect of ambitious luxury.

Nebula – The Nebula collection is inspired by the beautiful interstellar clouds that create the stars of our universe. Bright, clean colors and twisting gunmetal elements evoke unseen galaxies waiting to be discovered.

Wendy Chen Collections:

Tribeca – The Tribeca collection captures an aesthetic of a classy yet
contemporary, elegant yet playful, characteristic yet modest design that’s punctuated with a splash of boldness. The contrasts accentuate the impeccable simplicity in the statement it makes.
Metropolis – The Metropolis collection stays true to an expression of “The luminance in a Concrete Jungle.” It plays with the mix of masculinity and femininity. It captures the essence of an integrated yet adventurous design combination.

Winne Chu Collection:

Embrace Collection – The warm, golden glow of romance inspires this design. Crystals mesh with glistening chains to create a feeling of love and intimacy.

Lene Lin Collections:

Blue Night Out – Inspired by the mystery of the night sky, this collection is
driven by the feeling of a passionate evening breeze; the night is no longer dark, and instead shows a colorful, multi-layered sparkling sky.
Miracle – Inspired by the morning dawn, the light of this collection invokes dreams full of expectation and hope. Golden light is interwoven in a clean sky; a miracle of luminance has occurred.

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