Nifty Thrifty has you Covered for Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Season

I’ve already started getting invitations to holiday parties, which of course is natural since it’s the season for it but you know there is a special sect of holiday parties that have become a tradition to attend – The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. The Ugly Christmas Sweater has gone from “that wretched and embarrassing gift from grandma” to a holiday season favorite, and even a reason to have a party.

lopinavir and ritonavir manufacturer In honor of the season and to get you guys properly attired for your Ugly Sweater Party, new vintage flash sale site enter Nifty Thrifty, a members only vintage clothing e-commerce site, is holding a sale dedicated entirely to the Ugly Christmas Sweater in all its glory!

medicamento lopinavir y ritonavir Starting Monday, December 4th at 11am, for one week, you’ll be able to raid the kaletra savings card Nifty Thrifty closet of enviably festive and garish knit gems. From sweaters, to cardigans, to knitted waistcoats – this is your Christmas Sweater dreams come true!

zithromax antibiotics And while you’re choosing your perfect Ugly Sweater, make sure to peruse go site Nifty Thrifty for amazing and unique vintage pieces from brands such as Hermes, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta, Halston, Chloe, Ralph Lauren and Prada, as well as rare and covetable pieces.

kaletra generic name The site will curate collections of 50-100 vintage pieces organized into themed sales, such as ‘Weekend Fall Getaway’ or ‘Boho Chic’ as well as capsule sales such as ‘Vintage Scarves’ or ‘The Little Black Dress’. The Brooklyn based company will initially focus on womenswear, with menswear and home goods soon to follow. By early next year, there will be an archive of 1,000 – 3,000 ‘discoverable’ pieces on the site, with an average retail price around $50.

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