Shinesty Holiday Apparel: Holi-Slay in These Festive Fashions

Shinesty Holiday Apparel: Holi-Slay in These Festive Fashions

Thanks to the pandemic, holiday parties are on the back burner. This means showing off your most festive holiday attire is limited to whoever you’re at home with, via Zoom family gatherings, and social media. But how do you stand out with a sea of others posing in their holiday finery “for the gram”? You slay in a standout Shinesty holiday outfit, of course. Or you can give the gift of these hottest holiday attire to loved ones who love to shine during the holiday season.

Shinesty Holiday Apparel: Holi-Slay in These Festive Fashions

Whether you’re having a family get-together, a holiday celebration for two, or enjoying the holidays solo, you can win the holidays with the hottest festive attire for whatever your Covid Christmas plans entail. In Shinesty holiday-themed apparel, you’ll win “best holiday look” every time. We’re not talking ugly Christmas sweaters (although, they do have those too), we’re talking sophisticated holiday fashion, with a festive edge. We’re talking matching suits, their infamous pajama overalls (Pajamaralls for short and possibly the greatest fashion invention EVER! – see below), pajamas, dresses and jumpsuits, and even underwear.

Shinesty Holiday Apparel: Holi-Slay in These Festive Fashions

Santa’s not the only one that should get to enjoy looking good this Christmas. Wow everyone in a Shinesty Candy Cane Print Christmas Suit or Dress; a Leg Lamp Christmas Suit, Dress, or Jumpsuit from the infamous movie, A Christmas Story. Other Christmas prints include a Gingerbread Cookie, 50 Shades of Santa (an all-over Santa Claus print), Deck Yourselves (an all-over holly print), the classic red plaid, Christmas Tree Print, Knit Print (see below), and so much more.

Shinesty Holiday Apparel: Holi-Slay in These Festive Fashions

Whether you rock a full holiday-themed outfit (as shown above); Pajamaralls (which, btw, comes with a built-in beer opener); or pair a festive blazer with jeans as below, you’ll be the talk of your holiday get-together. Whether that get-together is in person or virtually.

Shinesty Women's Blazers

So while Covid-19 might put a damper on the holiday this year, it can’t stop the merriment. Show this pandemic that there is no half-assing your holiday celebrations this year by going full-on “Christmas fashion mode”. Let the joyous holiday fashions from Shinesty help you win the Christmas season. Shop these holiday fashion look at

Captain Morgan Holiday Sweaters

Captain Morgan and Tipsy Elves Launch Perfect Holiday Party Fashion

Are you ready for fun holiday parties? Are you ready to wow your fellow partygoers with your fun and unique holiday style? Today we’re talking holiday party fashion, not the holiday cocktail party dress fashion, but the fun, whimsical office Christmas party fashion. Just in time for the season, Captain Morgan and Tipsy Elves launched the perfect holiday party fashions. These sweaters and onesies are far but ugly, but they are great attention getters.

Captain Morgan Holiday Sweaters

Captain Morgan’s online store and the Tipsy Elves’ site are chock-full of fun holiday sweaters, onesies and jumpsuits you need to get your holiday festivities on. Their holiday sweater features the Captain Holiday Sweater, Funsie Onesie, Sweater For Two, Captain Morgan Jumpsuit, and a Light-up Sweater.

Captain Morgan Holiday Sweater

The Captain Holiday Sweater is made of 100% Acrylic and perfect for any holiday occasion. The cozy, comfy sweater features the Captain’s image, barrels of rum and the words “Party Like a Captain”. It’s available in small, medium, and large for $45.00.

Captain Morgan Holiday Sweater

The Captain Morgan Funsie Onesie, as seen on Captain Morgan Chief Party Officer Adam Devine, is a gloriously fun holiday pajama. Made from 100% polyester, the onesie is a fun take on the Captain’s pirate outfit. Available in small, medium, large, and x-large, it can be yours for $55.00 (NOTE: it was just reduced to $38.50).

Captain Morgan Holiday Sweater

Not every holiday party needs to be with other people. If you’re going it alone this season, the Captain Morgan Jumpsuit is just what you need. Enjoy warmth and coziness all season long with this cotton/poly blend jumpsuit. Available in XS – XXL, we recommend you get it before it sells out. It’s yours for $69.95.

Captain Morgan Holiday Sweater

The Double Shot Two-Person Captain Morgan Sweater is perfect for you and your wingman or significant other. Have double the fun and really be together in this unisex sweater, available in one size. The double panelled sweater features reinforced seams and regularly $94.95, but you can get it now for only $56.95.

Captain Morgan Holiday Sweater

You’ll love the Captain Morgan Light Up Sweater, because like its name says, it lights up! You’ll always be the star of the holiday party in this light up sweater that features that Captain surrounded by a string of illuminating lights.

These are a few of the Captain Morgan and Tipsy Elves holiday party fashions that are available. We have our favorites, which of these holiday fashions are yours?

Enjoy Ugly Sweater Season w/ Target’s #HilariousHoliday Offerings

This post is brought to you by Target, but all opinions and content are my own. Check in with Target’s Ugly Sweaters with hashtag #hilariousholiday.The holiday season is officially upon us and it’s time again for all the holiday parties and celebrations. No other holiday party celebrates the fun and festive mood of the season like the Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. This sarcastic trend was birthed sometime in the early 2000’s with a steady growth every year with numerous brands coming out with their own. The ugly sweater can now be called a Christmas tradition and a great way to have a #hilariousholiday. Joining with their own line of cool, kitschy, and fun ugly sweaters is Target, whose sweater collection I’d wear beyond any Ugly sweater parties (I love their modern cool update). Are you ready for Target’s #HilariousHoliday?

The above Men’s Skull Sweater is my favorite. It kind of brings to mind a Hell’s Angel getting into the holiday spirit. I’d steal this from the man in my life on any day and the fact that it’s only $17.99, I just might get my own.

Know a guy that has a bit of a potty mouth or “I’m a man” personality (a la Andrew Dice Clay? – seriously can’t you picture him wearing this?) then the “Happy Elfin Holiday” sweater is perfect. I mean…the sweater says it all.

The beauty of the above “Light it up” sweater is that it works for both a nerdy dad or granddad who is serious when it comes to Christmas lights and decorations (a la Clark Griswald) and a young hipster son who may be a fan of……420…lol. Either way, whether they’re wearing any of these “ugly” sweaters, they’ll actually look cool, get lots of compliments and remain a topic of conversation.

One of my favorite Ugly Sweater parties was one I attended with Blackberry and hosted by Michael Strahan in December 2011. He wore a white ugly sweater similar to one Target has in their collection – also $17.99 (the only difference being Michael Strahan’s had snowmen and Target’s has cute kittens), and actually stayed (in that sweater) for the duration of the event.

mylifeonandofftheguestlist strahan-target ugly sweater

Want to see some more of what cool Ugly Sweaters Target has to offer? Just hear over to TARGET UGLY SWEATERS to see the full collection.

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.

Nifty Thrifty has you Covered for Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Season

I’ve already started getting invitations to holiday parties, which of course is natural since it’s the season for it but you know there is a special sect of holiday parties that have become a tradition to attend – The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. The Ugly Christmas Sweater has gone from “that wretched and embarrassing gift from grandma” to a holiday season favorite, and even a reason to have a party.

In honor of the season and to get you guys properly attired for your Ugly Sweater Party, new vintage flash sale site Nifty Thrifty, a members only vintage clothing e-commerce site, is holding a sale dedicated entirely to the Ugly Christmas Sweater in all its glory!

Starting Monday, December 4th at 11am, for one week, you’ll be able to raid the Nifty Thrifty closet of enviably festive and garish knit gems. From sweaters, to cardigans, to knitted waistcoats – this is your Christmas Sweater dreams come true!

And while you’re choosing your perfect Ugly Sweater, make sure to peruse Nifty Thrifty for amazing and unique vintage pieces from brands such as Hermes, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta, Halston, Chloe, Ralph Lauren and Prada, as well as rare and covetable pieces.

The site will curate collections of 50-100 vintage pieces organized into themed sales, such as ‘Weekend Fall Getaway’ or ‘Boho Chic’ as well as capsule sales such as ‘Vintage Scarves’ or ‘The Little Black Dress’. The Brooklyn based company will initially focus on womenswear, with menswear and home goods soon to follow. By early next year, there will be an archive of 1,000 – 3,000 ‘discoverable’ pieces on the site, with an average retail price around $50.