Lolli Swimwear’s 2013 Collection

The first day of spring is a mere three weeks away and summer is three months away – that means warmer weather is almost here but you still have some time to get swimsuit ready. While preparing your new spring wardrobe, are you making sure to include some sexy and adorable swimwear? If not, let us help you with that by introducing you to lopinavir ritonavir coronavirus Lolli Swimwear – a super sexy and super girly collection of the cutest swimwear with great fit and colors by designer, Vy Nguyen.

lopinavir ritonavir comprimé For their spring 2013 collection, Lillo Swimwear looks to the most recent past decades. The collection features silhouettes, colors and details inspired by the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s – lots of tye-dye, floral prints, ruffles, stripes, bows, denim, studs, etc Get to know the adorable Vy Nguyen, as she walks us through her spring 2013 collection in the video below:

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