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Spa Week Media Event

As if I needed any incentive to put me in a spa week state of mind (my tense muscles and facial-ready skin have been ready), I attended the Spa Week Media Event to jump start my spa week indulgences. As usual, I made sure to get there early to get a head start on the complimentary services offered by the participating spas – Vada Spa, Sphatika, Deva Spa, Spa Chicks. My first stop was to Vada Spa as I was in desperate need of taming my eyebrows which see to grow like weeds.


I signed up and noticed quite a few people beat to to it but waited around just in case someone didn’t show up, which worked out perfectly. Now this was only my third time with eyebrow threading – it still hurt A LOT. Next I went to the Spa Chicks booth to get a mini manicure but it was actually an intro to a new product called Nail Fraud, peel-and-stick on nail designs that requires no adhesives of any kind. We didn’t get to try it on all ten nails, only two nail. Anyway, I love the idea but the stickers didn’t fit my nail bed and I’m not sure if it was the application process or the size but it wasn’t a smooth application

By the time I was done with those those  indulgences, everything else was booked so I didn’t get to enjoy the pedicure and foot massage provided by Sphatika or the back massages from Deva Spa. I added my name to the lists for a makeover from Bare Minerals and a Piticure from Dove but I had some since there were several people ahead of me so I took that opportunity to enjoy some of the refreshments the Spa Week media Event had to offer, such as the smooth wines from Rioja Wines

Yummy bites from Flame Deal (the BBQ Pulled Chicken and creamy fruit smoothies were very delicious)

A quick stop by Dole to grab some dried fruit and yogurt snack packs

The amazing chocolate fountain was back and with all the goodies ready to be covered in warm chocolate – bananas, strawberries, marshmallows, madelines..yuuummmmmm

After my gluttonous indulgences, I stopped by the Spa Week booth to take a look at some of my fellow bloggers partake in the Spa Week Challenge


Then on to Bare Minerals for my makeover. After taking off my makeup, I was color matched with my correct shade and given a sample of my mineral powder foundation with the new matte finish.

My final stop (I was the last appt) was to Dove to have a Piticure.

What exactly is a Piticure you may be wondering – well it’s a pedicure/facial for your armpits (it skin too). You’ll need the following: shaver, Dove deodorant (of course) and exfoliating wipes like the ones shown below

Trust me ladies, it’s a must. We tend to ignore our skin in uncommon places but they need love and moisturization too. Enjoy the rest of Spa Week.

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