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Celeb Stylist Kate Young hosts SWASH + Levi’s Event

Picture waking up on Monday morning after a really fun, long weekend. You forgot to go to the cleaners, and now your favorite shirt is not fresh and clean for work. What do you do? The answer is SWASH, which can freshen that shirt in 10 minutes. This amazing dry cleaning machine is great when you’re in a rush, when you can’t make it to the cleaners, or when you simply just don’t feel like doing laundry, making your article of clothing fresh and wrinkle free. This includes your jeans as well. Celeb Stylist, Kate Young, was on hand at Levi’s, to demonstrate how SWASH is a great way to refresh your jeans and show how unlike with regular washing, they will not lose their color and shape.

To show how great SWASH is for your denim, they partnered with jeans manufacturer, Levi’s. Properly caring for your jeans means not washing them; when you do wash your jeans, they begin to lose their color and original fit. Using this machine is a great alternative to washing your jeans, keeping them fresh and smelling great.

The pair of jeans on the left has been washed 10 times, while the one on the right has been SWASHed 10 times.

As you can see, the above jeans, which started off the same color, look completely different. They now look like two different washes. That is the effect washing has on your jeans. Throughout October, Kate shared tips on caring for your own denim pieces and revealed a month’s worth of fabulously styled Levi’s on her Instagram (@KYstyle) using the hashtag #LiveinLevis and #SwashSweeps. Of course, SWASH will also maintain the colors and fit of your favorite sweaters

A sweater being loaded. This sweater was professionally smoked – when it was taken out, you couldn’t smell a trace of smoke!
The SWASH closed – such a space saver!
The SWASH uses individual scent pods that are reminiscent of Keurig coffee pods. There are three scents available which are Awaken, Unwind, and Recharge (Recharge is my personal favorite.) After you pop the pod in and set the SWASH, all it takes is ten minutes for fresh wrinkle free clothing.
                SWASH pod being loaded into the machine                                                         SWASH pods on display.
                      – just like a coffee pod.

Overall, the SWASH is a great addition to the home; busy mornings are improved by making it easier and faster to get wrinkle free, great smelling clothing ready for you right after you get out the shower, while you’re applying makeup, or doing your hair. You also can’t forget the quality and lifespan of your favorite jeans and clothing is preserved, saving you money. Your morning routine will have gotten that much easier, thanks to SWASH!


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