Kroma Beauty: Natural Botanicals, All Organic

I recently received a Kroma Makeup Sample kit to indulge in. Kroma Makeup is a mineral based makeup line, which uses only natural and raw materials from the Earth. Overall, I was quite pleased with the quality of the samples, Kroma Makeup, you’ve got yourself a new fan. The kit I received was in the shade “medium: ethnic”, and included two blushes, a powder foundation, a cream concealer, and a mascara. Details and makeup swatches for individual products are highlighted below:

The first product I opened was a Botanical Concealer, in “Taboo”. At first glance, the concealer seemed a bit light for my medium/dark skin-tone. A concealer should typically be two shades lighter than your skin tone so it can erase blemishes and act as a “white out” for your face in pictures. When I swatched the product, I was pleased to see it did appear lighter when blended than it looked in the pot. The consistency is creamy and thick, making it great for the ladies who desire a fuller coverage in their concealer.

Next was the Pressed Powder in shade “#14”. I swatched the pressed powder side by side with the concealer to show you guys the contrast of the two face products (see below). The biggest problem I usually experience with powdered products is the “white cast” they tend to leave in photos, and the streaky application. Fortunately, Kroma’s Pressed Powder did not have a streaky application at all. The pigment was consistent and smooth throughout the application process. It appeared to provide a buildable coverage, so you can choose how light or heavy you want it to look.

Before moving on to the other products, I want you guys to know that Kroma Makeup offers specialized shades for each customer, for each of their facial products. This means that every concealer and foundation, liquid or powder, is available to be custom blended, since each of us has a unique skin tone. The next was the Teen Lip Gloss in the shade “Cotton Candy”. I typically like pigmented, bold lip colors, and this was more of a sheer, clear gloss. The formula is hydrating, and great for those who want a subtle lip color on bare lips, or to gloss up a matte lip color.

I also received a Mascara in Blue. The formula consistency of this mascara is nice and thick, which makes the lashes appear super full and dark. I haven’t done colored mascara since high school, so I was a little apprehensive about using this, as I felt like it might make me look a little childish since I’m in my twenties, but was very happy with the results. This color is great for brown eyes.

Last, but not least, were the two Mineral Blushes in the shades “Ideal”, and “Peachy”. Ideal is a peachy/rosy color with a matte finish, it is extremely pigmented, and beautiful! Love that it came in a refillable tin compact. I believe this color complimented my skin tone wonderfully, and it is my favorite product out of the entire kit, and definitely one I would purchase again. Peachy on the other hand, was significantly less pigmented than Ideal. It appears to be a light peach color in the tin, however when blended, it’s much less pigmented on my skin tone. As a darker skinned girl, this color is too pale for me and would look great on lighter skin tones.

Overall, the Kroma makeup products I received are a good investment. What I liked most about the products is the range of products available for every skin tone. Their custom blend service is well worth the higher price, we’d definitely recommend it. Have you guys tried any Kroma beauty products?

Written by Contributing Writer, Mariam Sardar
Edited by Glasgow Skinner

Kroma Beauty Launches at The Plaza

Miami based Kroma Makeup, a line of organic cosmetics made with botanicals and minerals gifted by nature and created by renowned celebrity makeup artist Lee Tillett is finally available to us up north thanks to its availability at The Plaza Beauty.

Kroma, which means color in Greek promises women will experience limitless color for face, cheeks, eyes ans lips. Lee Tillett’s 22 years in as a makeup artist has given her the knowledge to fully understand the different tones, highs and lows that makes each woman different. It is with this knowledge that she’s able to offer true custom blending for any woman’s foundation.

As you can expect, she has a huge following of women of color who can never find their correct shade but her true talent shines because Ms. Tillett and Kroma that throughout the year, our skintone changes. It’s already a hassle to find your correct shade and finally lets say you do you find it one cold winter day and enjoy your flawless skin throughout Spring but then here comes summer and you’re tan – there’s no way your winter shade works anymore. With Kroma, you can send your current foundation and/or powder back to them to adjust it to your new shade – there is no need to toss out a half full compact or liquid makeup. Your shade will also be kept on file with their labs. While you’re at it, why not adjust your makeup to your changing skin, make it oil-free or moisturizing.

If you’re still not sure and want a first hand look on how Kroma Makeup will look on you, why not upload a photo of yourself to their Virtual Makeup Artist program on their site and try out each of their vast amount of colors for yourself.