Loris Diran Boutique Opening

As I stated in the post on his NYFW Fall 2009 show, Loris Diran opened a much wanted boutique. This fabulous boutique, located at 3 East 1st Street, btwn. Bowery & Second Ave, and is in very good company with neighbors like Varvatos, Billy Reid and Oak.

We (the usual gang minus Dave) arrived late to the opening event but in time to soak in the beauty of the boutique, the garments and the festive atmosphere of the event. We each grabbed a glass of Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur and proceeded to mingle. Guests included the likes of Malan Breton of Project Runway fame.

Of course I got a chance to get up close and personal with some of Loris’s enchanting designs.

Two of my favorites are below

Notice the intricate detail in both dresses and love, love, love the colors – can you say Raspberry. Anyway, say hello to Loris below and of course his very sweet backer


Here we are again Another season of skinny minny models sashaying down the runways wearing some of the most beautiful (sometimes not) clothing your closet would kill for. We begin with (still a bit unknown but soon to be known) menswear AND womenswear designer, Loris Diran.

I had the pleasure of attending Loris Diran’s first show after taking last season off due to his father’s ailing health. I also got a chance to attend his new boutique opening earlier but that will be in another post. This season, Loris’s show was held at the Altman Building, which has become a saving grace for designers who cannot afford the skyrocketing costs of showing at Bryant Park. The theme for this season collection was Armour, which you damn well need if you’re going to survive living in NYC. Loris explains his theme in a very eloquent quote at the top of his run of show:

We all choose a way in which we are viewed by those around us and we create a kind of protectie layer, allowing various levels of exposure of our true selves to show through, depending on our moods or needs. This is true in our careers, in our relationships, and is most evident in our style sense.


I couldnt agree more and he represented this Armor in luxe fabrics such as Silk, Silk Lame, Cashmere, Angora, etc and gorgeous of course shapes. I loved how he stayed true to the Armor theme with the dark and shimmery grays, golds and taupes. I got a chance to take some video of the first half of the show, click on the link to view

For the second half, I decided to change it up and took some photos.

I’ve been to a few of Loris Diran’s shows and he’s a great menswear designer, his precision silhouettes are wonderful but there’s just something in his womenswear that screams THIS IS ME!! THIS IS WHAT I SHOULD BE DOING!! I see his soul in his womenswear. The more shows I attend, the more I’m convinced of it. My favorite piece was a gorgeous Cashmere and Mink Coat

Loris has always designed well tailored suits that are chic without being stodgy

Bravo Mr Diran!

Here’s a last look at the models

and of course the designer