OUDIFU Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

Making his sophomore appearance during this Mercedes-Benz Fashion week, Designer Zhuliang Li presented the Fall/Winter 2015 Collection of OUDIFU, affordable luxury collection of ready-to- wear woman’s fashion. Inspired by the belief that man is an integral part of nature, Zhuliang Li adapted this into his collection by designing a unique “all-in-one” style for all body-types. We’ve been seeing this trend of relaxed, multi-fit fashion for several seasons and were delighted to see this on a luxury level. The OUDIFU Fall/Winter 2015 Collection boasted sophistication, subtle yet urbane details, and distinctive silhouettes.

The inspiration for this collection’s theme is the extinct Woolly Mammoth, a massive mammal which co-exited with humans and roamed the vast frozen, northern landscapes (much like we’re experiencing now). With this winter season seeing the city frozen over, it’s quite fitting that OUDIFU’s design and style emphasized the relaxed and spontaneous , much like the extinct mammal.

The collection’s color palette boasted ivory tones, black, dark greys, Cabernet, emerald green, mustard, pale pinks, and bold and subtle prints. We loved the pieces at the beginning which displayed elephant deity, Ganesha (keeping it in the elephant theme family), the bold print shined against the wearable and classic looks. Along with mammoth fur boots and a striking, over-sized “woolly mammoth” fur coat that ended the show, other standout looks included the emerald green velvet romper, a mustard and black “lava lamp-esque” print, a stunning honeycomb textured cream coat.

We look forward to seeing what Designer Zhuliang Li has up his sleeve for next season.

Academy of Art Fall/Winter 2015 Collections

This season, the Academy of Art University Fall/Winter 2015 runway show featured 15 student designers debuting their thesis collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. This year the theme was all about “transformation,” said Simon Ungless, the Executive Director of the School of Fashion. “They used fabric manipulation and printing techniques to change the inherent qualities of textiles and surface qualities.” He described the student designers to have a deep focus on the body and wearability for one’s silhouette using advanced tailoring techniques. The basis of ‘transformation’ was clearly portrayed throughout all collections. The Fall/Winter 2015 season designs were presented in 10 collections, which included 8 womenswear, one mixed menswear and womenswear, and one menswear collection.

While all collections were extremely brilliant, I will discuss two collections below:

Paulina Susana Romero Valdez

Paulina received her M.F.A. in Fashion Design. Being born in Guadalajara, she drew inspiration from her roots incorporating baroque art and culture. Her collection included wool, tweed, silk, cotton, hand-dyed leather, and is heightened with vivacious, traditional Mexican embroidery across each piece of her exquisite collection.

Kevin C. Smith and Andrea Nyberg

I absolutely fell in love with their collaborative menswear collection. “Non-material substances” of nature inspired this luxury menswear line. As each model strutted down the elongated runway, you could view the various shades of blues, stripped patterns, and organic prints highlighting each formed silhouette. The assortment included bold raincoats, windbreakers, shirts, and pants perfectly layered incorporating a wearable and chic, but edgy look.


***Thanks to Contributing Fashion Blogger, Ashley Rae Silberman of Dress 2B You for attending and covering the Academy of Art Fall/Winter 2015 Collections for My Life on and off the Guest List. Make sure to check out her blog.

FTL MODA + FTL MODA LOVING YOU Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

The future of fashion is more than just a mere statement. At the FTL MODA Fall/Winter 2015 show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the future of fashion was here….now. With a collection of four very distinct international designers, the FTL MODA Fall/Winter 2015 show left fashion goers with a memorable and powerful show. Not only were show attendees mesmerized by the designers, we were completely charmed by the amazing models. Celebrating all, the show featured models with various disabilities that brought the crowd cheering. Designers for this show included Hendrik Vermeulen, Rozalia Bot, Landi Accessories, and Antonio Urzi.

Hendrik Vermeulen

With a collection titled Smoke and Mirrors, designer Hendrik Vermeulen featured stunning maxis, separates, and must-have layering pieces in custom dyed double knit Italian wool, and custom printed silks. We were enchanted by his bold colors, sensual silhouettes and the luxurious elements of the collection.

Rozalia Bot

We got an overwhelming amount of romance and femininity from Romania courtesy of Rozalia Bot. The designer brought the feeling of mystery and excitement that comes with romance, but with modern updates. Key details included elaborate floral embroidery, flowing fabrications, iridescent chiffon, sensual silhouettes, and delicate lines. Her collection had us envisioning a world where everyone romanced each other in Shakespearean prose.

Landi Accessories

With bold handbag shapes, exotic skins and materials, and a white surrealistic theme, the Landi Accessories’ presentation was definitely an impactful show. The collection was a tribute to feminine class through iconic divas in history, symbols of elegance, refined and impeccable tastes.

Antonio Urzi

Antonio Urzi presented the most futuristic collection with striking embellishments, bold details and accessories, and looks which boasted supple leather. His show left a lasting impression of attendees, who paid respect with gasps and cheers and other forms of adulation. The audience was immediately mesmerized from his first looks of what we’re personally calling the “Keepers of the Gates of Urzi” (see photo below). We’re not sure how far in the future Urzi took us, but we’d like to be there now.


Another memorable moment from the FLT MODA show was the collaboration with Fondazione Vertical, Italian foundation which supports four research labs that helps to find a cure for spinal cord injuries, and Models of Diversity in London, a 6-year old agency which trains and prepares models from all over the world to find their way through the most challenging talent selections rules. The final and very succesful segment of the show was performed following the #MovingForward campaign, launched on socials by FTL MODA and giving access to disabled models from Spain, Italy, UK, US, Romania, and Russia. The audience was gave rousing applause to these amazing models.


MONGOL by Bayarmaa Bayarkhuu Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

We love being introduced to new designers and their visions. They tend to bring a fresh voice that exhilarates and reminds us why we love fashion. One fresh voice catching our attention is the Fall/Winter 2015 Collection from MONGOL by Bayarmaa Bayarkhuu. This “It Girl” brought her edgy style, the love of her heritage, and her debut collection to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to showcase her colorful, and striking collection.

Her stunning collection, which is inspired by traditional Mongolian costumes, combines urban, casual silhouettes, powerful details, a strong feminine voice, as well as a passion for her craft . The collection boasted raw Mongolian materials, which celebrates the nomadic tradition of using wild and sustainable materials. The essence of the Mongolian nomadic traditions, which play a large part in the culture, solidifies the fact that Mongolian influences should definitely make is way into more mainstream fashion. We can’t wait to see more from this designer.

Photos courtesy of Frazier Harrison/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Desigual Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

For us, the Fall 2015 season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week started with a collection filled with a dazzling array of prints, textures, and colors. A living, multi-cultural canvas that came to life under the bright lights of Lincoln Center. For the Desigual Fall 2015 Collection, we see a celebration of the many cultures that are brought together at Monsieur Christian Lacroix’s Desigual studio. The mixing of lush landscapes, influences from the four points, and the decorative and pragmatic folk art that influenced this season’s collections, shows how diversity can come together beautifully. We loved seeing the brand’s new face, Chantelle Brown-Young, taking a break from the Desigual campaigns to hit the runway.

If the people at the Christian Lacroix Desigual studio are the artists, then the Fall 2015 Collection is the canvas. The collection was peppered with influences from abstract paintings, stunning upholstery, photographs of Africa, a nod to the historic Renaissance era in Northern Europe, and a landscape filled with an abundance of flowers. We see African-inspired black and white prints, multi-colored embroideries from the world over, oriental carpet motifs, and Baroque tapestries woven into evocative abstraction, all of which continues to celebrate the brand’s message of “La Vida es Chula!” (Life is Cool!)

You can no doubt see the festive mood of the collection just from the photos. With models dancing down the runways adorned with explosions of medieval gemstones, modern artwork, exotic flower bouquets, all presented on printed tulles, jacquards, embossed hair, and duchess satin. We especially love the giant pompoms and wild free-flowing hair, which perfectly suited the collection.

We love the celebration of the unique, being atypical, and self-expression that Desigual stands for. The show, of course had no shortage of celebrities. Brand Ambassador, Adriana Lima, along with Katie Holmes, held court in front row, while Rapper Drake went more incognito and opted for a seat in the back as to not distract from the show.

As usual, the show ended with the designers thanking everyone in a adorable way

Dorin Negrau Spring 2015 Collection

The mystery of the vampire lure made it’s way to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for Transylvania-born designer, Dorin Negrau, no we’re not talking Twilight, Vampire Diaries, or True Blood, we mean the original Dracula. The designer, presenting his collection for the first time in New York, found inspiration in traditional Romanian costumes, boasting the intricate embroidery and technique of his grandmother and woman of Romania.

The layered collection featured a white and black color palette with a few pops on blush pink and bold accessories, flashes of skin, lace details, sheer and leather panels, cut outs, and shredding details and celebrates the duality of Dracula.

What stood out to us were the looks with beautiful back details. If Dracula were around today, the Dorin Negrau Spring 2015 is what his brides would be wearing.

Academy of Art Spring 2015 Womens Collections

This season, the Academy of Art Spring 2015 student runway show featured six collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Twelve student designers showed one menswear collection and five womenswear thesis collections graced the bright lights of the Theater venue inside the tents. Executive Director of the School of Fashion states these twelve designers have gone back to the essence of what do fashion designers should be doing – focusing on silhouettes and proportion. Something you can plainly see in these collections. Today we will be highlighting the women’s collections from Mia Jianxia Ji, Wei Bai, Madison Detro, Die Zhou, and Szu Chi Huang.

Mia Jianxia Ji

Featuring a light, all-neutral color palate, Mia got her inspiration for her layered collection from Ana Rajcevic’s “Animal: The Other Side Of Evolution” art collection, which “builds upon existing skeleton structures to create a series of sculptural pieces”. Her collection, named “SILHOUKNIT”, arouses the shapes and sentiment of Rajcevic’s work using the texture of knitted fabrics.

Wei Bai

The second collection from designer Wei Bai features tomboyish, tailored silhouettes that are evocative of the British subculture of Teddy Boy style, also known as Dandies during the Edwardian period that became popular in 1950’s. The dark and light looks are constructed in one-piece, although some give the illusion that they are separates.

Madison Detro

Unlike the other collections which features soft pastels and neutral tones, Madison Detro’s color palette featured rich, deep Merlot looks in lambskin leathers and calf suede. Intrigued by the oddities in Le Corbusier’s architectural work, Madison’s Spring 2015 collection explored geometric shapes and imbalance as a catalyst for beauty. Her designs are reminiscent of the angles found in Le Corbusier’s famous Notre Dame du Haut de Ronchamp chapel.

Die Zhou

For her Spring 2015 collection, Die Zhou was inspired by nature; not the flora but the fauna, butterflies to be exact. For her looks, she translated the lines and shapes associated with butterflies into the silhouettes of her garments, which focused around a light, fresh pastel color story in a cotton-blend twill.

Szu Chi Huang

Szu Chi Huang’s collection translates her inspiration into modern fashion by using innovative construction techniques to achieve the three-dimensional feeling of armor that has been compiled from many small pieces. Szu used origami-folding techniques on leather and wove grosgrain ribbon in mesh fabric to mimic the woven texture of the samurai garments bringing a softness to the edgy look of her collection’s inspiration. The simple black and white color palette of her collection is a nod to traditional Japanese ink paintings and calligraphy.

Custo Barcelona Spring 2015 Collection Show

According to Custo Barcelona, SKIN IS IN for Spring 2015. At his jam-packed Spring 2015 collection show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, it was all about the skin you’re in, and the body’s largest organ was on display through geometric cut-outs that tease with glimpses of skin, subtle and not-so-subtle transparencies, in a variety of fabrications and seductive silhouettes.

Audacious colors and prints were present in the collection that boasted ultra-light linens, and flowy silk textiles, perfectly placed on the sides and backs of the looks to create an optical illusion of depth, a fundamental silhouette and the skin underneath. If you’re already familiar with Custo Barcelona, then you know he loves pairing colors and prints to amazing results.

This Spring 2015 Collection is no different. Polka dots, stripes, lace, geometric shapes, and bold graphics compliment each other as they lay side by side on a garment. Stunning textured appliques and impeccable details join the edgy cut-outs for striking yet sweet femininity. Ladies, there are so many looks you will want, so many looks you will need. Your wardrobe will thank you come spring.