NY Water Taxi 10th Anniversary

Not too long ago, we at My Life on and off the Guest List were in attendance as the NY Water Taxi treated guests to a fun-filled event in celebration of its 10 year Anniversary and the retirement of its Founder, Tom Fox.

Held at Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club in South Street Seaport, the event had guests entertained upon arrival. After gaining entrance to the event, we were greeted by this funny fellow who kept guests laughing

Then if you felt so inclined, NY Water Taxi offered the choice of getting what I like to call “mermaid hair” – fun, elaborate items placed in the hair as decoration

And speaking of mermaids, yes there was one much to the delight of young guests and which allowed for some great photos

While guests dined on some amazing food like Salmon, roasted chicken, etc and sipped delicious cocktails, colorful dancers (who I got a great shot of as they were arriving) at various positions wowed the crowd with their vogueing skills

We were also treated to a wonderful champagne-toasted NY Water Taxi tour (naturally) to the Statue of Liberty – something I hadn’t done in years. it’s also a great reminder of why the NY water Taxi is so wonderful and a must for anyone whether they’re a tourist or a local.

The activities continued with on site artists ready to capture your image in delightful form

After a farewell speech from Founder, Tom Fox and some more libations, we got an amazing fireworks display which would make The 4th of July fireworks a bit jealous. Check out the amazing display of celebration below as the NY Water Taxi honored their ten years.

All in all, an amazing event. You couldn’t ask for a better way to celebrate NY Water Taxi’s 10 years of showing the beauty of New York. Enjoy a few more photos below

NY Water Taxi Welcomes New Partner – Water’s Edge Restaurant

As a New Yorker, you tend to forget about the great things that city has to offer in things to do and places to go. It usually takes an outsider (usually a family member coming to visit that you must play host to and keep entertained) to put your guard down and pay attention to the more tourist-like activities. This is what I was thinking as I was grabbing a glass of champagne being served to us as I hopped on the NY Water Taxi. The New York Water Taxi provides a fast, comfortable commute, Hop-on/Hop-off routes that are convenient and fun for both locals and visitors, and tours of the city.

On this gorgeous day, we were headed to Long Island City to enjoy some wonderful dinner fare at Water’s Edge, a restaurant with amazing food and a great view of part of the East river. The York Water Taxi, Circle Line Downtown & MVP/NY invited several media attendees to a cocktail reception at Waters Edge Restaurant, their new partner.

We dined on exquisite hors d’oeuvres and an amazing diner as we enjoyed a stunning view of the city skyline and elegantly chic decor. You couldn’t help but stare dreamily outside the floor to ceiling glass windows at the wonderful view, it somehow makes the incredible meal you’re having even better

Drooling yet? just looking at these photos is making me want to go back to Water’s Edge and that is just a small part of their menu. To see more, get to know the Water’s Edge menus.

After being wonderfully fed at Water’s Edge, we were scheduled for a the champagne and dessert Cruise on the Zephyr, a one-of-a kind multiple deck yacht that holds 75 to 400 guests. The Zephyr offers two climate controlled decks and a sun deck, two mahogany bars, dance floor with surround sound speakers, 10 flat screen monitors and A/V equipment for presentations or montages.

We arrived to find a smorgasbord of desserts provided by Water’s Edge Restaurant, ready to fill our already full stomachs while we listened and danced to some great music as we traveled down the East River

The night ended around 10:15pm and we left wishing the entire experience would last a bit longer (I know I did). So don’t wait until you have relatives visiting to partake in this great NYC experience.