Cosmogirl School of Style Concert Event

As my last post stated, my sore throat was here to stay so Thursday consisted of chicken soup from Golden Crust (hmmmmmmmmm..), Tylenol’s new Honey Lemon Warming liquid for Sore Throat, which had me out cold in 25 minutes) and my bed. I was asleep by 8pm. So on to Friday.

generic kaletra tablets And time for the Cosmogirl School of Style Concert Event

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ritonavir coronavirus store For some reason, I got four passes (wristbands) for this event (the norm was two), which was great because at the last minute, Estephanie said her best friend and sister wanted to attend and I’d hate for the extras to go to waste but plans changed again and her sister couldn’t attend. Anyway, Estephanie and her best friend rushed directly after school to attend, they wanted to be the first in line but I guess a ton of people had the same idea because this was the amount of people infront of us (the girls got there at 4:30pm, the event started at 7pm), I guess some people played hooky today from work and school.

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kaletra 100 mg To pass the time, we talked, laughed, made a little bit of fun of some people who got way too dressed up for this event and took photos (from left to right – Estephanie, her best friend, my friend Michelle and her niece). As you can see from the photo directly below, Estephanie is holding a brown shopping bag – that is the extra gift bag I got from the Boho Magazine event for her.

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lopinavir ritonavir buy online So while we’re having fun trying to make the 2 1/2 hours pass by without complete boredom, I got two photo ops for the girls (and the two girls that were infron of us). You see one of the girls had two copies of Cosmogirl and I knew that a couple of photographers were passing down the line taking photos of people, so we got them to take photos of the five girls holding Cosmogirl, hopefully a photo will make it into the event pages of Cosmogirl. Soon after the celebrities start showing up, one of the guitar players from one of the bands performing tonight (Forever the Sickest Kids) comes to visit the line, there are tons of shrieking and a small stampede of girls trying to take photos and talk to him. We don’t know who he is of course and this prompts Estephanie to walk straight up to him and ask who he is and what does he do (gotta love her). They end up having 10 minute conversation. The next to arrive is Jaslene from ANTM, which inspires Estephanie aka Supermodel Tycoon to take these (she actually steps on the red carpet and no one actually minds but Jaslene’s handler pulls her in a few minutes later). The girls are a bit put off by how skinny Jaslene is which I feel good about, thank god they don’t want to be like that. I know Jaslene is naturally that skinny (I think) but it’s just too skinny – she’s like the size of one of my thighs (good lord).

azithromycin 250mg tablets 6-pak The above photos are why I love Estephanie, she is only 17 but very ballsy, she will definitely be famous. Here are some photos of Jaslene by herself

Next on the red carpet are Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado (I had to look up his name as I do not watch the Hills), the shrieking and running has intensified at this point, so has the shouts of the guys names. It turns out, they are the hosts for this evening.

As hosts, they are terribly silly, they spend most of the time picking up the phone numbers the girls are throwing at them on stage. They literally spend the entire event doing this. The other host (can’t remember her name) had to reel them in to perform their host duties every single time, she was like the babysister chastizing two unruly boys (that part was hilarious) but they did eventually do some of their duties (in between grabbing phone numbers – do they even realize that the average age at this event was probably 16 or 17?), which consisted of ringing off the numbers to raffle tickets for prizes.

The best part was that Estephanie won a special giftbag from Southpole (so far this event is totally making up for the PUMA Event). And she then caught two Gossip Girl t-shirts. Outstanding!!

The first band comes up and they are

with the coolest microphone stand I’ve ever seen

Like I said before, I don’t know them but the everyone else (except Michelle and every other mothers who was there to accompany their children, I’ve never felt so old) seems to and you know what, they are a pretty rocking band. They ask the audience to jump a few times and I didn’t need to move because with all these teen girls jumping, I was moving involuntarily. The floor board were literally bouncing up and down. WOW!!

The guy in the green sweater is the one Estephanie went up to. They even did a rock version of Will Smith’s Men in Black. ummm..Ok

Anyway, in between the bands, they had a fashion show – the event is called School of Style after all. While the fashions were cool, the audience was much more into the bands.

On to the next band

Another band I’ve never heard of (not being between the ages of 13 to 18 anymore), they get a louder reception than the first. The sound barrier was definitely broken a few times and I’m officially deaf in my right ear.

I forgot to mention that they also had a Harajuku photo booth where the girls took photos (it was too packed on that side of the room so I didn’t get a picture of it) and this video game

Anyway, the crowd loved the second band as you can tell by this photo

After all is said and done, the girls had a fantastic time, I practically lost hearing in one ear and I help up pretty well considering that I was suffering a sore throat. Estephanie had too much of a good time (this next photo gave me mixed feelings, I wanted to kill her and and was a bit proud at the same time – go figure). Anyway, the guy was one of the models in the show. Of course he looked better shirtless.

And of course being the fabulous creatures that they are, they wanted photos of themselves on the red (uh, purple) carpet. A great end to a great day.

I’ll end it with a photo of the Cosmogirl gift bag (minus the Gossip Girl T-shirt which I wore on Sunday).

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  1. D
    D says:


    you are so wrong for blowing up my spot. Sore throat doesn’t mean no eating missy. Anyway, glad you and Arielle had a great time

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Yes! I can vouch for her being sick, and having a sour throat, but it did not stopped her from eating a chicken pattie and coco bread on the line while we were waiting. I was starving and had to
    eat a pizza from a stranger that was offered to me! (dangerous)
    We had fun and I am glad i was able to take my neice Arielle. Thanks girl for looking out:)
    Michelle Sparks


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