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DDCLAB Soho Grand Opening with City Magazine

This was another day with multiple events (like any other) but on with the coverage. As usual, Dave and I arrived to find a bit of craziness outside on the line but once we found out which side we had to be on for check in, we were in within five minutes (Factory PR was in charge of putitng the event together, so I knew there would be no problem). Kim and Allison were already at the fully packed DDCLAB store. The event was hosted by Zoe Kravitz (to those who may not know, she is the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet)

and was to celebrate the Grand Opening of the new DDCLAB Soho store, located at 7 Mercer Street (Grand and Canal)

When you first walk in, there was a step and repeat (DDCLAB banner) where everyone was taking photos of themselves

and of course Dave and Stephon (who was already in attendance) had me pull out my camera to play paparazzi. By this time, Kim and Allison had departed so it was just Dave and I but as mentioned above, our friends Stephon and Randy (he’s in the above with Zoe Kravitz) were there too, so we all just hung out.

Anyway, it was packed in there, like sardines in a can. For a long time, you couldn’t even see the bar but we still managed to get drinks (alcoholic and Smart Water)

I also took some shots of the merchandise and the decor in the store which includes a tree….yes, a tree

I also got a chance to get photos of some models. The female model was one of the contestants from the recent season of Americas Next Top Model and the male models were featured in City magazine. The male model in the middle is one of the cover models (on the cover he is the one to the far right)

I also got a chance to get some video of some people dancing. The DJ, DJ Harley Newton was pretty cool.

Lastly, I took a photo of the guy giving out the giftbags and of course there is also a photo of the giftbag

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