Dex Event

After the Two minutes we spent at the Marie Claire event, we headed to Dex Studio for their event (all but Marisol, who tried to make it to a People Magazine event which was ending in 20 minutes……unfortunately she didn’t). The rest of us walk in to find people getting makeovers

We walked to the back to the bar to get a drink.

The favorite was Fuze with Vodka. And speaking of vodka, I was introduced to an interestingly packaged drink. The product is the same, just the package was different. It was Vodka in a tube, yes Vodka. Interestingly the name of this vodka is Tube, can’t get more simply than that.

Unfortunately none of us got a chance to take a tube home with us but it did taste smooth. After getting our drinks, we walked around, took some photos

Dave ran into a friend of his

and Kim decided to try to get a makeover but the makeup artist left, said someone else would come to do her makeup but neither he nor the person showed up, so Kim was in the chair waiting the entire night………sucks

So we just ended up trying the stuff ourselves. Afterwards, we grabbed something to eat and headed home.

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