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Nike Playmakers Part III

This is the third Nike event I’ve been to and unfortunately Dave couldn’t make it (poor baby), Kim was out of town but Angelique* was finally able to get off work at a decent time so we met up and went to Nike where the event was being held.
When we got there, of course there was a line but it moved fairly quickly, we were in pretty quickly. Did I mention this was a shopping event? As sson as we walked in we were given a coupon for $25 off any purchase that night and another coupon for 20%off which we could use for a few days after.

Anyway, we went up to the 5th floor where the festivities were to find DJ Clark Kent playing some hot music

and the crowd shopping, dancing (well, head bobbing and some two stepping anyway)

and the food, oh my god the food. I was too busy eating to take photos but they had what they called stadium food. Angelique* and I enjoyed mini hotdogs, popcorn, chicken fingers, hot pretzles, mini burgers, etc. IT WAS AMAZING!!! and it saved us spending money on dinner that night. We ate our fill; we did have drinks but only once. Anyway, we walked around bit because I was looking for a pesent for someone and Angelique* wanted a pair of sneakers. The funny thing is you had to be escorted to the different floors by a Nike salesperson (even though this WAS a shopping event – but we (Angelique*, the Nike salesperson and I) still kept on getting stopped by security. He kept on having to tell them he was escorting us….funny. We got our stuff and stood on line

I ended up paying $14 for a $65 sweatshirt and Angelique* payed about $23 for a pair of $100+ sneakers. I’d say we did damn good. After we payed for our purchases, we decided to walk around one more time. We came upon this guy called Mayor with his entire sneaker collection on display (Dave would have loved this). I took several pictures of the collection. I will start with one of him then his collection

What a collection, right? I’m afraid and curious to think of his closet space. I also noticed above the collection (on the ceiling) was a ton of white Nikes….very decorative

Anyway, time to leave, we headed downstairs and was almost out the door when we were told that we were about to exit without our giftbags (that would have been bad). So we headed over to get our bag which included a limited edition playmakers t-shirt which my dad gets. See it below

*Some names have been changed to protect the permanently shy and those possibly under witness protection

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