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There are some events that I attend by myself, either because the gang had to work late or they just wanted to pass on the event. Today was a “work late” day, so I went by myself (I met up with Dave later at another event). No biggie for me, I’ve even gone to movies by myself. Anyway, off I went to the today’s art event

Newly up on display in the Lobby Gallery at Metropolis Now, located at 1155 6th Ave. Peter Zonis’s work is fun, surreal, quirky yet has a definite message. This art collection featured different New York City neighborhoods; the common aspect is the money falling from the sky (I wish this happened in real life)

There were a few that caught my eye but one in particular really captured me, not because it really moved me but because it was just a fun painting and it seemed like the subjects really could have posed for it. I actually giggled when I saw it and here it is

The crowd was an intimate one

and during my short stay at the event (I only stayed about 20 minutes; I didn’t even have any of the delicious hors d’oeuvres or wine, I only took in the artwork), I had a very interesting and peculiar conversation with a gentleman who bombarded me with geographical questions. It was strange but ended up being quite funny which made it entertaining. Before I left, I introduced myself to the artist and requested a photo which he readily obliged to.

I implore you to check it out, the exhibition is up until April 10th.

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