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Lucid Absinthe Superieure

I am what you call a social drinker, many times just wine or champagne but I love a good and interesting cocktail and going to numerous events, I can surely say I’ve had an interesting cocktail or two but nothing beats Absinthe in the realm of interesting cocktails. As many of you know (or not) Absinthe is a distilled, highly alcoholic drink (spirit) – about 45–74% alcohol by volume and has been illegal in our part of the world since 1912 for being a highly addictive and having an hallucinogenic effect on people. This of course makes absinthe a very sensuous drink, I mean what’s sexier than something taboo?

The naturally green spirit (it’s not considered a liquor since there’s no sugar added) is made from herbal ingredients, one of which is Grande Wormwood. As I mentioned, absinthe had been banned in the U.S for the past 95 years but was reintroduced when Viridian Spirits created Lucid.

“Lucid is the first genuine absinthe made with real Grande Wormwood to be legally available in the US in over 95 years. Lucid is made with a full measure of Grande Womwood (Artemisia absinthium) as well as other European herbs.” Funny enough, I have had absinthe before at an event but it was a cocktail; I’ve never experienced absinthe in it’s traditional french manner (shown below)………….until now.

Before enjoying this formerly forbidden experience, I always imagined the people who drank absinthe fell immediately into some drug induced high (that’s how it was always portrayed in movies anyway) but of that was not my experience. First, thing I noticed was that Lucid was a very smooth and sweet spirit (which is funny because it has no added sugar but then maybe this is from the sugar cube). Secondly I noticed the “green” taste – you know you can smell winter in the air or better yet smell the grass on a particularly nice day, well I could taste the “green” in absinthe. Of course this is due to all the herbal ingredients but it was still something to experience.

The next Lucid drink I made was a Pineapple Mojito. I know what you’re thinking….mojitos are made with Rum but I’m here to tell you, if you substitute the rum with Lucid Absinthe – it’s truly, truly amazing. My Lucid Mojito was supposed to look like this

but ummmm……how about those Mets? Mine in no way came out as pretty as the one above but it tasted so delicious; this recipe is definitely a keeper and will definitely be repeated as the long hot days of summer continue.

Lucid Absinthe is available in 750ml bottles which retails for $59.99 and a newly launched 375ml for $34.99, both can be purchased at the following locations – Wally’s Wine and Spirits, Shoppers Vineyard, Jericho Wines, Park Avenue Liquor Shop and several other retailers.

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