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Diptyque Sample Sale Event & Public Sample Sale

Before I begin to talk about the private event. Here is the information to the public Sample Sale. Diptyque products range from $60 and up, so 40%-90% is an amazing discount. I suggest you run (click on the image below for larger view)

Now on to last night – Kim and I were lucky (and happy) to get invited to the fabulous Diptyque Sample Sale Event. If you’re a fan of beautifully scented candles then you must rush to this sample sale. Diptyque Candles, body washes, soaps and fragrances at sample sale prices are equivalent to finding little gold nuggets, add an open bar by Combier d’Orange and it’s upgraded to diamonds (conflict-free of course). You may remember Combier from my coverage of their launch event last month. Why no one has ever thought to combine open bar with a sample sale before is a bit mind blggling. It’s genius and the ladies of K Public Relations deserve an award.

I arrived to aromatherapy heaven. The one thing I love about Diptyque is that fact that many different scents can be around at the same time and I never get a headache, the scents just seem to compliment each other. Anyway, of couse there was a nice crowd already shopping. There were candles, room sprays and fragrances everywhere at 40%-90% off

Although I promised to only get a few gift items, I ended up purchasing two candles (my fav scents – Ambre and Pomander), two room sprays, a body wash and matching soap (all for myself)….oops

Anyway, after shopping, Kim and I headed to the bar where who do we see but our old frind Scott Goldman from Combier behind the bar and not too far from him was his brother Curt

In honor of the Diptyque Sample Sale, Combier created French Perfume, a wonderful combination of Combier d’Orange and Champagne, which is absolutely exquisite and is now the newest addition to my drink library. After a few more drinks, Kim and I said our goodbyes and left. I couldn’t wait to get home and as soon as I did, I lit one of the candles. I went to sleep to the sweet smell of Pomander engulfing my room

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