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Womanity – The Newest Expression of Femininity

If ever there was a fragrance to proclaim, “I am Woman, Hear Me Roar” – Womanity would be it. You know what, I think it should now be, “I am Womanity, Hear Me Roar”.

This first-ever sweet and savory scent is “an engaging, mysterious and unique scent, full of contrast is built around the theme of the fig fruit (sweet), a powerful symbol of femininity, with an exceptional fig and caviar (savory) accord.” I know what you’re thinking – Caviar in a fragrance but my precious dears – this is the fragrance to end all fragrances. It is absolutely heavenly, divine, sublime (and all other similar adjectives).

“Designed by Thierry Mugler, the bottle is a sculpted work of art with multiple secret symbols created for a woman who leaves her mark”. The bottle reflects all the sides to a woman – the simplicity of the elongated bottle; “the frieze (a stretch of painted, sculpted or even calligraphic decoration) is a patinated zamak, a single phrase engraved in a mysterious language (and we women do have our own mysterious language). The oracle of the sphinx, the force of the figurehead; the ring is made to match the frieze is a symbol of connectedness, the circle of unity and finally, the chain, linking the frieze and the ring: curiosity, sharing and solidarity.” 

The bottle actually reminds me two sci-fi/fantasy movies. When I first saw the Womanity bottle, images of “the face on the moon” from the movie Mission to Mars; a movie in which it was discovered that humans were originally from Mars as explained by the delicate featured creature below

While the face reminded me of Mission to Mars, the hardware immediately made me think of Egyptian symbols and metal heavy movies like Stargate. I’m sure the symbols are probably not Egyptian, maybe Mayan but I couldn’t help but conjur up the image of Stargate’s resident baddy alien-cum-Egyptian god, Ra; more for the surrounding metal and symbols.

Anyway, back to the fragrance; to educate us on the wonder of Womanity was Pierre Aulas, Artistic Olfactory Director of Thierry Mugler (as seen below). He explained the process of getting the complete essence of the fig (the actual fruit, not the leaves like other companies use) and Caviar.

Monsieur Aulas also told us about the Womanity website where women (and a few men) from all over the world can share messages and stories for everyone else to see – a wonderful way to connect us all

Visit the Womanity website and leave a message on what it means to you. Also, for those of you want to try out Womanity for yourself, you can request a sample then when you discover you’re in love,  you can purchase it at the Thierry Mugler Online Boutique or Bloomingdales (available in August). I guarantee this will surely be your new fragrance. For more information and updates, follow Womanity on Twitter and Womanity on Facebook.

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