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Complex Third Annual Premium Goods Event

Dave, Marisol and I attended this event laden with giftbags from previous events (mainly mine) but we were just in the mood to relax, drink a little and have fun. This event, as stated in the title, was to highlight as premium goods brought to you by Complex Magazine. While Marisol sat and relaxed with a drink (she was a bit tired). Let’s talk about what it took to get those drinks, shall we? first, we couldn’t even see the bar, we assumed it was in a certainlocation only because thay area had the most people (we were so right). I don’t understand why if there’s no seating at the bar and you already have your drink – WHY ARE YOU STILL THERE? Give other people a chance. Anyway, Dave and I walked around a bit and took some photos.

Anyway, some of the products highlighted were watched from G-Shock and Baby G which I got photos of

there were other items like sneakers but it was way too crowded to get photos (the sneakers were displayed by the bar area….nuff said). Anyhoo, the event was hosted by Dawn from the now defunct (is the group still on?) Danity Kane and the guys from Day 26

We didn’t stay long, only had one drink (like we had a choice – there was just no going back to that bar), so we grabbed our giftbags (old and the one we got fromthis event) and left. Their gift bag contained a 90’s Fila t-shirt and Complex magazine. i say 90’s because of the large logo, is that still around today or am I right? Here’s the t-shirt

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