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Hydro Tea Facial Feed from Janet’s Skincare

I know water is good for you and we must drink eight glasses a day but I just can’t. I have tried many times to drink eight glasses on any day but it just couldn’t be done on m part. Its hard to drink something with no taste, no flavor, no anything – the most I have drank is four glasses and those were very forced glasses and that was with the help of Crystal Light and some similar powdered product. The problem with that is after a while those powdered add-ons would give me a headache. Needless to say, I have always been jealous of people who can drink and continuously refill their 16+ ounces of bottled water because no matter what, I am always aware of how NOT thirsty I am. Surprisingly, this has changed thanks to Janet’s Skincare, particularly the Green Tea Hydro Tea Facial Feed.

Ever since I received this lovely gem, I have been setting records on the amount of water I’ve been drinking, a few drops into my water bottle and I’m on to drinking more water and healthier skin. It’s amazing and it tastes absolutely wonderful. Janet’s Skincare’s Green Tea Hydro Tea Facial Feed is a wonderful liquid antioxidant (the equivalent of 15 cups of green tea); it comes in three flavors – Passionfruit (my favorite), Peach and Mint (very refreshing on a hot day) and its purpose is not just to get you to drink more water, it is Janet’s biggest secret to “Aging Gracefully”.The Hydro Tea Facial Feed contains Aloe Vera and more importantly, Polyphenols, the key antioxidant found in green tea that are renowned for fighting the aging process. It repairs and regenerates collagen and connective tissues to give you radiant skin.
Now I’ve said I’ve been drinking records amount of water because of this great product but I’m not at all worried about overdoing it because according to her website, “you can’t overdue it and because it is caffeine free and naturally sweetened so you can enjoy the benefits of Hydro Tea Facial Feed all day!”

And each flavor has its own benefit (besides tasting great) – “Mint is amazing for balancing a sensitive stomach and seems to be key in flushing the fat cells if you are on a weight loss program. Passion fruit has been remarked to have a wonderfully calming effect, and peach is a refreshing boost of vitamin C and great as an immune booster.”

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