Ivana Helskinki Fall 2011 Collection

Towards the end of Fashion Week, Designer Paola Ivana Suhonen presented her aggressively feminine kaletra covid 19 coronavirus Velvet Lake Collection for Ivana Helsinki. The Fall 2011 collection showcased dramatically wingtipped eyes and beehived coiffeurs to set the tone for a bevy of dresses, displaying earthiness alongside 1960’s innocence.

buy generic Zithromax As always, Ivana’s penchant for provocative prints did not disappoint. Aiming this season to invoke the spirit of a “Scandinavian version of Brigitte Bardot,” Ivana created a mix of mod shapes, delicate knits, and sheer fabrics making for an enchanting story. In the end, the pieces were just as wearable as they were whimsical.

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