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Kohler Debuts Numi – The Most Advanced, Stylish Commode

I rarely witness something that makes my mouth drop in awe but Kohler did just that with their new state of the art (and I do mean art) commode, throne, loo….toilet. No matter how you call it, the Kohler Numi is impressive. It will literally put all others to shame (it actually even puts a few cars to shame) and how can it not, look at some of the features

•A motion-activated lid and seat – you literally never have to touch your toilet
•Advanced bidet functionality (with adjustable spray patterns).
•Integrated air dryer.
•Heated seat for those surprising cold nights
•Foot warmer.
•Illuminated panels.
•Built-in speakers and MP3 player jack (plug in your iPod to listen to your favorite tunes – imagine the pranks you can also play pranks on your friends with pre-recorded messages)

Not only is this toilet pretty to look at and takes up minimal space, its also has an unrivaled water efficiency. It is a WaterSense-certified toilet which uses dual-flush technology and allows you to select a partial flush for liquid waste and a full flush for solid waste. How much is the Kohler’s Numi? The Numi will retail for $6,390. Check out the below video for more information

As you can see, the Numi toilet combines unmatched design, technology and engineering to bring you the finest in personal comfort and cleansing.

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