Langoliers Jewelry Fall 2011 Collection – Ritual Romance

Gaining inspiration (and moniker) from one of the most peculiar Stephen King movies, Pamela Liou and Zon Chou introduced their new Fall 2011 jewelry collection called Ritual Romance. As previously stated, thei handcrafted Langoliers Jewelry Collection is inspired by the movie which featured a plane full of people trapped in a time/space continuum where little pac-man-like monsters eat up the past. The movie is dark and moody which is quite evident in the knitted metal jewelry.

The ladies use traditional knitting techniques on their chains; they first make yarn molds of their jewelry to create mirror images in metal. Several layers of chain are linked together and woven in exactly the same way as the yarn would be. Prices for the collection range from $52 to $380 wholesale.

During the launch event, Langoliers featured a completely hand-knit chandelier, measuring six feet in diameter. Each rung took 18 feet of knitting for an effect that kind of looked like a giant jellyfish .

The majestic centerpiece went up for auction after the event, with proceeds going to a earthquake relief charity in Japan.

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