You’re Invited to Diesel’s Timeframes Collection Newest Launch – Thermal Attraction

Did you know that the makers of the coolest jeans on earth also make some fabulous watches? Diesel will share their coolest new line of heat-sensitive digital watches called Thermal Attraction with you on May 19th at their hot Union Square location. Thermal Attraction is the newest range to join Diesel’s Timeframes Collection

Get to know these cool watches as you enjoy a festive photobooth, an aura reader who takes pics of your aura and analyzes it (hope you’ve been good) and hypercolor cocktails provided by Ty Ku. Party details are below

Thursday, May 19th

Diesel Union Square
1 Union Square West


Music by DJ Lindsey & DJ Myles
Photobooth by Polite in Public

If you’re not acquainted with Diesel’s Digital watches, feast your eyes on the current Diesel digital timesframes below that are available on Diesel Timeframes.

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