Diesel & Nylon TV Present Diesel Island for Fashion Night Out

Join Diesel and Nylon TV for Diesel Island on New York City’s Fashion’s Night Out, Thursday, Sept 8th at the 5th Avenue location.

Featuring: Free drinks for 21+ and an interactive passport photobooth.

Diesel Island Fashion’s Night Out
Thursday, Sept. 8th 7-10pm
685 5th Ave (at 54th Street)

55DSL Presents the Summer Series – Photos Can Speak

If you enjoyed Diesel’s Tuesday Music Series and 55DSL’s last event – 55DSL Presents In 55 Words, then you’re going to love 55DSL’s newest Summer Series event, Photos Can Speak which takes place on Thursday, August 18th from 6pm-8pm. Enjoy some refreshing Heineken as you get lost in the works of five amazing photographers as they showcase their work at the 55DSL Store located at 281 Lafayette Street.

Enjoy the works of J. Shotti, Ian Reid, JP Samedi, RNA Photo and Sarah de Burgh as you enjoy music by DJ Mills with photo buffs and other 55DSL fans.

Today, August 9th – Allen Stone Performs at Diesel 5th Ave

Looking for a fun Tuesday night? Look no further than seeing the amazing Allen Stone will perform at Diesel 5th Ave Store at 685 5th Ave (5th and 54th St.) at 6pm. Not only do you get to enjoy some great music, Tyku Liqueur will also be on hand so you will get to enjoy some amazing cocktails. As an added bonus, Diesel Buyers will be on hand to present the new Jogg Jeans, the perfect combination of Jeans and Sweat Pants – the ultimate comfort. See below for event details.

If you are somehow unable to attend, or if you’re itching to find out more, check out the Jogg Jeans for Women and Jogg Jeans for Men, then run to Diesel to find the best Jogg Jean fit for you.

55DSL Presents "In 55 Words"

Expression through clothing is one of the, if not, easiest way to express yourself – to show the world who you are but how good are you in expressing yourself with words. Many of you have done and continue to do so with some of the hot gear that 55DSL has to offer. But if that wasn’t possible, could you say who you are in 55 words? Could you tell your life story, your vision, your dreams in 55 words? Could you help someone, make them happy, make them care in 55 words? It’s harder than you think.

55DSL is giving some talented artists the chance to do so. 55DSL is inviting 15 of the hottest Spoken Word Artists from around New York to express themselves “In 55 Words” as part of their 55DSL Presents 55 Days of Summer Series hosted by Mickey Factz.

Be part of the live audience and enjoy the refreshing taste of Peroni Beer as you get to know these artists as they control, romance and wax lyrical art at the 55DSL store on Lafayette St on Tuesday, July 12th from 6pm – 8pm. You never know what might inspire you.

Diesel Introduces Only The Brave Captain America Limited Edition Fragrance

Diesel continues their relationship with the “secret joy of every young boy’s heart” – Comic books by following up their Only The Brave Iron Man Limited Edition Fragrance with an Only The Brave Captain America Limited Edition Fragrance. The iconic mens fragrance from Diesel and the most legendary superhero join forces this summer to present this fearless fragrance. What better way to surprise the man in your life ladies than to gift him with this wonderful fragrance along with a movie ticket to Captain America.

The Only The Brave Captain America Limited Edition Fragrance bottle houses the original essence of Only The Brave but is redesigned in the cult classic Captain America comic strip packaging by legendary illustrator, Bryan Hitch. The box bears Captain America’s iconic image while inside, the original fist-shaped bottle displays Captain America’s powerful shield in classic pop art style.

The fragrance is about adventurous, limitless living inspired by the strength and bravery of Captain America. So gentlemen, why not embrace your inner superhero with Only The Brave Captain America Limited Edition, scented with the following powerful, provocative notes:

Top Notes – Lemon Blossom, Mandarin, Coriander Leaves
Heart – Labdanum, Black Rose, Lavender
Dry Down – Amber, Tolu Wood, Ebony Wood

Surprisingly, this fragrance – what is sure to be the favorite of all guys – is merely $15.00 and don’t worry, your local Macy’s is the go-to retailers to get your hands on it.

Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Diesel

I recently posted some Father’s Day Gift ideas from jcpenney featuring gift ideas other than ties and sweaters, etc but as I was told, there are some very fashionably young Dads out there who would absolutely love a cool tie, belt, wallet, watches, etc. What better brand than Diesel to get a cool gift for Dad.

Any of Diesel’s very modern timepieces will make a perfect gift for Father’s Day, whether your dad likes a more simple style to something more rugged, you won’t go wrong with Diesel. Maybe your Dad, brother, husband would prefer a cool pair of shoes – Diesel’s Sneakers and Boots are a sure bet.

Although I’m speaking about Father’s day, I’m so in love with the Diesel Flea II Duffle, it and the New Flea Duffle are perfect for the Dad on the go, whether your Dad hits the gym or if he’s taking mom out for a weekend trip. But if you do want to give your Dad a tie for Father’s Day, then the skinny Leatie is the modern cool.

Diesel Underwear Party at TAGG

As if it wasn’t hot enough outside, Diesel and TAGG are having an event to really raise the temperature to explosive levels. I hope you all have your drool cloths and portable AC units ready because it’s time for a Diesel Underwear Party.

On Thursday, June 16th, at 7pm, we all get to enjoy a Live DJ and cocktails by Stoli Vodka as we feast our eyes on the incredibly hot Live Models, no doubt casting spells, in sexy yet comfortable Diesel Underwear – I’m loving the Superhero underwear. What more can you ask for than an event to highlight the importance of underwear (and hot guys in underwear). TAGG is located at 720 Ninth Ave at 49th Street. I know where I’ll be June 16th at 6:59:59 pm. What about you?