Diesel Underwear Party at TAGG

As if it wasn’t hot enough outside, Diesel and TAGG are having an event to really raise the temperature to explosive levels. I hope you all have your drool cloths and portable AC units ready because it’s time for a Diesel Underwear Party.

On Thursday, June 16th, at 7pm, we all get to enjoy a Live DJ and cocktails by Stoli Vodka as we feast our eyes on the incredibly hot Live Models, no doubt casting spells, in sexy yet comfortable Diesel Underwear – I’m loving the Superhero underwear. What more can you ask for than an event to highlight the importance of underwear (and hot guys in underwear). TAGG is located at 720 Ninth Ave at 49th Street. I know where I’ll be June 16th at 6:59:59 pm. What about you?

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