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Calgon launches New Collections

When I was a little girl, I remember those old Calgon commercials with the woman declaring, “Calgon, take me away”. I remember repeating those four words over and over not really knowing their significance but today I know too well their meaning and I find myself still repeating those words when I want to escape my life’s stress and just relax. Calgon has continued to grow, just like yours truly and to this day, when I think relaxing, I still think of Calgon.

Calgon has launched two new collections – the Sensual Collection and Ageless Bath Collection (more on the Ageless Bath collection at the end of this post) and some very relaxing .

The Sensual Collection is an affordable and luxurious collection available in three different fragrances, Flirty Tease, Femme Inferno and Angelic Kiss. Products include Fragrance Mists, Silkening Double Mists – a dual-phased mist with extra conditioners that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, Shimmering Moisture Mists – mists that contain luminous pearls that leaves your skin glowing and sparkling and Swirl Luminous Body Creams – a blend of cream and shimmering gel that leaves your skin soft and radiant.

I love the scent of Flirty Tease (shown above in the Silkening Double Mist), a light, sweet but provocative blend of sparkling red currant, orange blossom and exotic Egyptian jasmine. I keep this moisturizing mist in the fridge to cool my body off on those hot and humid summer days.

I also love and I mean love Calgon’s Massaging Beauty Bars. The lightly-fragranced bars of soaps, which come in three wonderful fragrances – Hawaiian Ginger, Tahitian Orchid and Morning Glory, have little nubs that massage your body’s sore muscles as you cleanse. It worked wonders for me especially as I’d had an extra heavy event week with lots of bags to carry which of course resulted in sore shoulders.

Calgon has also produced the first collection of anti-aging products targeted specifically for the bath.

The Bath Pearls, Bath Body Scrub and Soak and Milk Bath with Serum Beads are created with Calgon’s exclusive Vita-Pearl technology. All resulting in skin that is moisturized, nourished and renewed.

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Glasgow Skinner


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