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55DSL Presents "In 55 Words"

Expression through clothing is one of the, if not, easiest way to express yourself – to show the world who you are but how good are you in expressing yourself with words. Many of you have done and continue to do so with some of the hot gear that 55DSL has to offer. But if that wasn’t possible, could you say who you are in 55 words? Could you tell your life story, your vision, your dreams in 55 words? Could you help someone, make them happy, make them care in 55 words? It’s harder than you think.

55DSL is giving some talented artists the chance to do so. 55DSL is inviting 15 of the hottest Spoken Word Artists from around New York to express themselves “In 55 Words” as part of their 55DSL Presents 55 Days of Summer Series hosted by Mickey Factz.

Be part of the live audience and enjoy the refreshing taste of Peroni Beer as you get to know these artists as they control, romance and wax lyrical art at the 55DSL store on Lafayette St on Tuesday, July 12th from 6pm – 8pm. You never know what might inspire you.

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