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Scott Paul Technologies Introduces CellHandle™

Has this ever happened to you? Your cellphone goes off and you absentmindedly pick it up only to have it fly out of your hands and crash to the floor, against the wall, on the street, someone’s head (oh yes, that has happened). Its happened to all of us (I’m sure it happened to a few hundred or more people today). To help with this issue, Scott Paul Technologies created a great little gadget  called CellHandle.

CellHandle™ allows you to hold your phone with one finger so there’s no more accidentally flinging it across the room. Their EZ CellHolder™ gives you the option of holding your electronic devices in the same place every time like your wall, computer, dashboard, etc and the e-Handle™ allows you to hold your e-Readers and tablets with one hand.

So if you know someone who might be a bit clumsy with their electronic devices or if you’d like to learn more information on CellHandle™ (and you should) as well as the other products, visit or

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