The Screaming O Presents the Chic and Discreet Studio Collection

Last month I read an article about a woman who got a “note” from the TSA after inspecting her luggage and finding her “personal item” – the note said “Get your freak on girl”. Of course she was understandably mortified but it did bring up the question of what exactly are women supposed to do when travelling with their “personal items”. I would find out the answer to that question less than two weeks later thanks to The Screaming O. They have launched a new line of intimate accessories sophisticatedly disguised as high-end cosmetics called The Studio Collection.

The Studio Collection contains seven products – Mascara Vibe, Lipstick Vibe, Brush Vibe, Warming O Balm, Cooling O Balm, OGloss Climax Creme and a Compact. All the Vibes are waterproof, feature four speeds: Low Steady-On, Medium Steady-On, High Steady-On and Multi-Pulse “Tease” modes and allow 80+ minutes of pleasure. Enjoy great pleasure without anyone being the wiser (and no surprise notes from the TSA while travelling).
Mascara Vibe

A chic and discreet, super-powered, multi-function wand vibrator featuring a sensation-magnifying “Tingle Tip”.

Lipstick Vibe

Unlike other similar products on the market, this flawlessly designed, super-powered, multi-function vibrator features a sensation focusing Soft silicone flex-tip.

Brush Vibe

An innovation in design, this realistic “brush” is super-powered, has a multi-function vibrator which features unique varying-length bristles for an exciting, one-of-a-kind experience.

Warming O Balm

Chic and discreet, this warming stimulant balm is fashionably concealed as a high-end eye shadow; open the lid to arousing cinnamon that will ignite your passions.

Cooling O Balm

Like the warming O Balm, this cooling stimulating balm is also fashionably concealed as a high-end eye shadow; open the lid to invigorating peppermint that will make you quiver.

OGloss Climax Creme

An all-natural, glycerine free climax enhancing crème that boosts sensual pleasure that is beautifully disguised as a tube of high-end lip gloss.


A chic and discreet mini-compact, with a full-functional mirror, hides a super-powered, multi-function Bullet inside a secret compartment under its flip lid.

Add stylish stimulation to your makeup bag (keep up appearances with the Studio Collection’s mini makeup purse) and get a freshly flushed face that could only be the Screaming O. The entire Studio Collection launches very soon on December 10th. No one will ever know your secret!

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