Katie Gallagher Spring 2013 Collection Presentation

The Katie Gallagher Spring 2013 Collection was a journey in opposites. Featuring looks in black and white, short and long, sexy and innocent, edgy and girlish, the “Everything Forever” titled collection features models who looked ethereal, like muses stolen from the gods or celestial creatures.

lopinavir other names For a moment, I felt Ms. Gallagher was trying to highlight the duality in us all – good vs evil, light vs dark but maybe I’m over thinking it. When I arrived, the small space was too packed to actually see the runway show so I got to take in the collection in its entirety all at once.


buy kaletra canada The collection was punctuated with weightless chiffon, lambskin, and leather and touted an expression of resurrection, reawakening….a metamorphosis of some sorts. Perhaps that is why the models were walking/standing on a powdery white substance – which (and I’m only speculating) might represent the “white light or pathway to heaven” as we move from one soul to another. It’s all very deep and mysterious.

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