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Biore Acne Clearing Scrub | Say Goodbye to Acne

I have been a fan of Biore since the launch of their Pore Strips and continue to be one today. As an acne sufferer, I’m always looking for complexion clearing products and I am a huge fan of Biore’s cleansers, especially the Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser. I’m also avid fan of exfoliation so I’m super exited that they’ve added a new scrub specifically for acne-prone skin that is begins to give you clearer, healthier skin in just two days.

The Biore Acne Clearing Scrub is a Salicylic acid acne treatment that, unlike many other scrubs, targets deep down dirt and oil which causes blemishes, without damaging skin’s moisture barrier or ripping layers of your skin You’d be surprised how many exfoliators do that – see example below) to give you clearer looking skin. This invigorating mandarin mint scented scrub is formulated with skin-purifying technology that not only treats blemishes, it prevents new ones from forming. Gentle enough to use everyday, it clears away impurities so you end up on the fast track to more beautiful skin without depleting skin’s natural moisture.

Check out below for an example of how effective yet gentle the Biore Acne Clearing Scrub really compared to two competitors.

The black paper represents a layer of skin, as you can see the Biore scrub sloughs off the top layer of dead skin and shows the new layer underneath (green glitter). Competitor 1 shows no change which means it just sat on top and didn’t exfoliate off the dead skin while Competitor 2 exfoliated off too much and went beyond the green glitter – the result is scarring and damage to your skin.

The Biore Acne Clearing Scrub is available now and retails for $6.49. 

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