Rolls-Royce Unveils New Car, the Wraith ‘Inspired by Fashion’

We had the distinct honor of being invited to the unveiling of the newest Rolls Royce motor car, the Wraith “Inspired by Fashion”. The unveiling of the prestigious new motor car, designed by Rolls-Royce Bespoke Designer, Michelle Lusby, took place during Pratt Institute’s Women of Influence in the Business of Style event (more on that part in another post). The new Rolls Royce “Wraith – Inspired by Fashion” provides a modern take on the grand tradition of customers personalize their Rolls Royce to their tastes and lifestyle.

This latest innovative design from the luxury car company was inspired by the prestigious international catwalks and Bespoke tailors that are ever so present in the fashion industry, resulting in an aesthetically stunning and sartorially on-point motor car. Just as timeless designs are reinvented to create new standards in the fashion industry, Rolls Royce is raising the bar of creativity and progressing the notion of style, with the “Wraith – Inspired by Fashion”, which boasts stunning materials, colors and textures procured from the world of high-fashion. The ‘Wraith – Inspired by Fashion’ boasts a two-tone exterior in a color palette of Andalucian White and Arctic White where accent hues, Jasmine, Tailored Purple or Mugello Red truly stand out; its signature shoulder-line is accentuated a hand-applied feature-line in the chosen accent color, giving a hint of the its contrasting interior where you will find the accent hue on traditional locations such as embroidered on headrests, seat stitching, and piping but also non-traditional placements, as seen in the two-tone composition steering wheel; and stagecoach-like doors that feature a contemporary impression of the car’s classic Arctic White and Black interior color scheme.

Other noteworthy details include:

  • Fine silks in the car’s front and rear door pockets
  • An abstract representation of the Spirit of Ecstasy with each emblem set precisely at fifty-five degrees to complement the lines of the door
  • An exquisite lacquered wood dashboard
  • A Bespoke Clock, set as a piece of jewelry, styled exclusively to emit a pearl effect
  • The integration of welting in a colorful silk strip, that stylishly frames the Wraith’s signature leather door-panel

Several fashion and industry notables attended the event to celebrate the unveiling of the Wraith ‘Inspired by Fashion’ and Women of Influence in the Business of Style event including fashion NYC-based designers, Tracy Reese, and Maria Cornejo, both of whom were speaking at the panel, and Singer/Songwriter, and 2014 2nd Congressional District Democratic nominee, Clay Aiken, who was so gracious, and funny when he said yes to my photo request.

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