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Once, Twice…….. Three Times a Guest – Part 1

I usually start with another day, another event but today there are three events to attend. Count them 1-2-3. I’ll update you on how my feet are by the end of the night. And they are pretty great events.

First event – Jo Malone Hosts Jazz Vocalist, Marcus Goldhaber & The Jon Davis Trio for an exclusive In-Store CD signing and Live Performance to celebrate Marcus’s CD release, Take Me Anywhere, which is being released next month (ah November, my loving birth month)

I’m meeting up with Dave, Kim and Marisol at the Jo Malone event but since I’m closer to Jo Malone and got off work before they do, I am at the event way earlier than they are. Anyway, I arrive at the beautiful Jo Malone store to the most calming and wonderful scents (my favorite is Orange Blossom).

As with other events, you get to enjoy the usual like champagne

but they also had the most delicious chocolaty macaroons …….and they’re holistic, courtesy of Holistic Living Now. Who says healthy food can’t taste fantastic!

While waiting for the gang, I listened to The Jon Davis trio rock out some cool Jazz and took some photos of Marcus Goldhaber, the trio and the crowd of the event.

I must say Marcus’s music was a perfect fit for the boutique, it’s soothing and relaxing, just like the scents from Jo Malone. Marcus’s cd is very “perfect lazy Sunday at home while reading a book” kinda music. The kind where your body is slightly swaying or your feet are tapping to the music and you don’t even realize it. If you like light jazz you should definitely check it out.

Anyway, the event also had hand and arm massages with Jo Malone products (of course I couldn’t take photos while I was getting a massage but thankfully Dave showed up just as I finished and he got a massage as well). Below are photos of him and another guest getting a massage. His favorite scent was the Nectarine Blossom.

There were also a few Jo Malone employees walking around with products you could sample and information on their products, such as mixing scents. I never knew laying one scent over another could make them both so……breathtaking (for lack of a better word) but Jo Malone products are made to do just that. Of course he is yummy too, LOL.

I left smelling deliciously of Orange Blossom. There are two more events to attend and I’m sorry I couldn’t stay to see the live performance but I was told he’s doing another live performace soon, so Dave and I pick up our beautifully wrapped gift bags and dashed uptown.

Luckily, the next morning I got an email from Alyson from AMP3 PR (she’s also on my blog list – It’s All Very PR, check it out). Alyson sent me a link with photos of Marcus Goldhaber actually performing with the Trio

A wonderful event and my feet are A-OK. One down, two more to go.

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