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Once, Twice…….. Three Times a Guest – Part 2

The second event was the Opening Reception of Wollman Rink in Central Park, now owned by Trump.

Dave and I left Kim at Jo Malone (I am supposed to meet up with her agian at the third event) and arrived to find many people enjoying ice skating on the rink already.

And many, many others were enjoying the other highlights, the vast amount of food (and I mean vast) and the bar. They really fed you at this event. Not only were there servers walking around

there were also mini stations with mash potatoes, ground beef and shreded chicken served in a martini glass (my god, so good)

and then there was the main station with Salmon, pasta, seared pork, chicken (yummy, yummy, yummy). As you can imagine, there was a major crowd for the food but thankfully there were no Velociraptors (how can there be with all this food)

Catering was courtesy of Relish Caterers, who will travel to your location or they can accommodate you at one of their New York, New Jersey or Hamptons Venues. Dave and I didn’t even get to enjoy any drinks at this event (for one thing, we enjoyed a few glasses of champagne at the Jo Malone event and two, we were too busy enjoying the scrumptious food at this event). When we were about to leave (I still had one more event), I got a text from Angelique*, she and Zia* had arrived at the event (like I, they didn’t skate either), so we were all just enjoying the food.

I almost forgot to mention that they had a photo booth (Angelique* and Zia* took photos in the booth but Dave and I didn’t – we did so with Kim at the LeSportsac event). They also had video games but I also took a photo of the Rock band video game which at the time had a really bad singer

Anyway, we left Angelique* and Zia* at the Wollman Rink event and headed downtown (me to the third event and Dave to Whole Foods). We got our giftbag (which was disappointing – see below), the most exciting thing was the bag (made out of felt), which is excellent for grocery shopping. GO GREEN!! No plastic bags

All the money he claims to have and this is the giftbag? Really Mr. Trump? Way to impress.

*Some names have been changed to protect the permanently shy and those possibly under witness protection

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