Happy Halloween!!

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http://nycplugged.com/?ka=lopinavir Oh my god, it’s Halloween (by the time you read this, it won’t be – it’ll actually be my birthday)

kaletra covid 19 Anyway, the night started out with me meeting my friends Dave, Darryl and Stephon and head to the Halloween Parade in the village (the costumes are always amazing), then going on to meeting Kim at The Fig and Olive “Yelloween” Party (Zia and Angelique were not able to make it).

kaletra cost Anyway, off we go to look at the crazy costumes but first in honor of my birthday, stephon insisted on buying us celebratory drinks, first shots and then Cranberry/vodkas (later in the evening, I also had two Malibu Rum with Orange and Cranberry Juice drinks)

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kaletra as prep Now on to the costumes (and there were plenty)

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http://jaipurraleigh.com/?kaletra=kaletra-covid-19-dosing But my favorite costumes of the night had to be these. Oh me, oh my

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I didn’t stay too much longer after the parade ended, I still had to meet Kim at Fig and Olive, which thankfully wasn’t too far from where I was.

Happy Halloween Everyone

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  1. val
    val says:

    Hey girl. Sounds like you are having a great time. How about that President Elect!!!! I’m so proud of him and happy for our country and the hope that has been given to us (African Americans) and our children. Have fun in Japan. Talk to you soon.
    -your sis.


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